I use Johns term all the time, but do you think it
will ever become widely used?

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I agree it should only be a nerdfighter thing
I agree that I'd prefer it to stay within the Nerdfighter community. I like it and it'd be great if it did become more popular, as long as the person using it actually understands the meaning behind it as opposed to people simply saying it.
I personally like that it's an inside joke in nerfighteria :) 
I do not think that "french the llama" is a thing because if you compare it to something like question tuesday(which I classify as a thing) I feel that "really awesome saying" is a better way to describe it.
I use it some, but I'd be surprised to hear it used on The Today Show.
I already use it in my regular life. XD

i have never liked that (what ever its called),

i call my sister Llama and... just don't, no Frenching my sister.


and besides, it's kinda cool how Nerdfighters got there own insider saying's.

I need to use it more. One of my friends might become a Nerdfighter, so maybe, if we'll use French the Llama a lot, it may become a thing! At least more than an inside joke for Nerdfighters.
I think it would be cool. I don't know if it will ever reach eveywhere but, I think it would be better than some of the things people say.
best picture ever, google says we're important
at least Urban Dictionary recognizes it as a thing :)
I'd like it to be an inside joke between the nerdfighters(:


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