Do you think we will ever be as advanced as shown in Star Trek and Star Wars?

Do you think that one day we will have colonies in space and other planets? Will we have relations with other lifeforms? Will we ever travel at the warp 10 in comfortable star ships? Its nice for entertainment and fantasizing, but we we ever get there? Tell me what you think.

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You can get a DIY one for <1,000 one of the brands are called MakerBot and use open source cads.  look up thingiverse

yes i think we will, eventually. whether that is good or bad remains to be seen.

I wish I had the sparemoney but I am in the market for a house right now. Maybe next year for daddy day.

It's hard to say, but it breaks my heart to say that I don't think interstellar travel is possible, and at the very least it is not feasible.

I think interstellar travel will happen eventually.  maybe we will send out robotic ships with frozen dna or eggs. why not? I seriously am looking at a 3d printer now.

SWEET....I take it you've found one of them DIY ones or maybe thingiverse?   let us all know how you like it, i swear those babies are the future...they're the great great grandparents of the freakin awesome...

Michio Kaku thinks so.

The thing is if you show a caveman a lightbulb he'll shit his pants and depending on how his religious beliefs work he might kill you. Science and magic are indistinguishable. We can imagine what future space-travel will look like but we're doing it just as well as how people in the past imagined us (hint: they were mostly highly inaccurate).

Basically we just imagine the future looks like today but with more power behind it. That's like someone from hundreds of years ago imaging someone traveling to the moon on a chariot. We're imaging science when we should be imagining magic.

^that,  imagination comes first.

not even caveman....if you told someone in 1905 that in less than 50 years, flying machines would be used to drop bombs on Japan that worked by splitting the nucleus of an atom, they'd probably lock you up. And yet, that's what happened, in part, because of a little theory published that same year.  And then if you told them that during that era of flying machines and atom bombs, that an electronic counting machine would be invented that would not only lead to putting man on the moon in less than 20 years and would be followed closely by technology that enabled people to see each other while they spoke from the other side of the world'd never get out of the asylum.  But that happened, too.  Not even Jules Verne saw this coming.

I am not going to buy one right now but I am considering it for later for me and my son. As you know I think mainstream science still has much to learn. I am still holding out hope that warp drive will come to fruition  one day.

i hope the printer works out.  and that we get warp drive. unfortunately, for all the things we're yet to learn, one of the rules that just seem to stick is that nothing goes faster than light.

That is why I hope he is wrong and we can find some loophole, some way around it.

Ahh this is that Einstien thing?  Yeah I hope so too.


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