SPOILERS!!!!! Oh my goodness gracious, SPOILERS! Seriously, if you haven't seen every episode of Doctor Who, up until the end of season six with Matt Smith READ NO FURTHER!

Sooooo, Doctor Who and River Song. What are the opinions out there? Personally, I think River Song is ideal, and deserves to be with and should be with the Doctor. She's the only one who is on his level. Everyone else is just kind of being strung along, more or less dependent on the Doctor for their every adventure. Conversely, River's lifestyle matches his of her own accord. She can truly be his partner in life, not his side kick or ward. This is a very shallow description of this fictional paring, but there must be other opinions! Please, discuss. :] 

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I'm not really into the whole Doctor/River idea. They have a potential to be an epic couple, but I still don't see it. They flirt a lot and she seems really into him, but I still don't see him being that much into her. Maybe after the hiatus, we'll see more of that relationship and Moffat will make me believe that they are made for each other.

Also, the whole concept of her being Rory and Amy's kid makes the relationship even weirder. I mean, if things hadn't gone the way they did, he would have been her godfather for sure. 

I guess I'll just have to wait for the century and a half until they start filming again. I'm willing to give them a chance.

i want to see more of jenny, it'd make an interesting episode,he thinks she's dead and she wouldn't recognise him


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