People in other time zones may have already seen it, but I haven't, and I thought I'd make a discussion thread for once people have seen it, they can come and express their thoughts on it.


WARNING: There will be spoilers!

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I just watched it, I won't give spoilers or anything but ending like that?!?! That is just mean, who does that?? Oh, hello Moffat!

I really liked it,I hope you guys enjoy it tonight :)

I saw it was a two-parter, so I'm already expecting frustration at the end. Glad to hear you liked it!


I thought it was incredibly confusing but loved it nonetheless. Gripping and funny. I'm really hoping the second part will answer at least one of my numerous questions/uncertainties!

Otherwise we'll be doomed to never find out what's really going on!

It's so true, Moffat's such a tease with this episode!


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