I am new to the VlogBrothers. I think I found them through Philip Defranco around the time that Hank posted his letter to the aliens. I watched a couple of the more recent videos, decided these guys are kind of interesting and then I opened a window to their youtube channel and looked through ALL their uploads until I found the very first one. I then began watching the videos from the first one forward. I have been watching for about a week or so. I have reached November of 2007. I'm enjoying the videos quite a bit, but I'm a little bummed because I have this weird quasi-OCD thing where when I find something on the internet that I like, I have to go back and look through it from the beginning until the present before I can start regularly checking it the recent updates. I do this with blogs, web novels, web comics and apparently I also do this with youtube videos. Does anyone else do this? Or am I all alone and weird?

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I'm actually kind of surprised it took this long for someone to respond that way...

literally? not really, as i've said to several nerdfighters elswhere on the site, being a community devoted to making ourselves and things more awesome means we have a constant reminder to not be jerks. 

sarcastically? maybe a little.  many of us have become overly accustomed to thinking and speaking that kinda funny though.

Some nerds don't read though.
I totally do the same thing! -nerdfive-
Yea! -nerdfive-
I did that also and I think it's better so you can understand all of their inside jokes.
I do the same thing with blogs and youtube videos.

I've just joined Nerdfighteria and started watching the videos, and I know what you mean. But I actually work backwards: I've been watching all the videos starting from the most recent update and moving back through time. The OCD-ness for me is I can't just stop, I feel like when I start watching something I must see all the canon omg and spend ridiculous amounts of my time lost in this pursuit.

One day I'll get to the very first video. One day.

that just seems strange to me.  sure it's how they arrange the videos, but starting from the beginning lets you know what's going on...but if that's your thing, more power to you new nerdfighter.
It IS strange, I agree. Haha Never said it made sense. It has more to do with the fact that I'm much more interested in recent going-ons than going-ons of a few years ago, and it just pulls me further back as I go.

that actually makes a lot of sense.

I do that. Books, albums, series, vlogs anything really. I do go back before i go forward sometimes though.


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