I am new to the VlogBrothers. I think I found them through Philip Defranco around the time that Hank posted his letter to the aliens. I watched a couple of the more recent videos, decided these guys are kind of interesting and then I opened a window to their youtube channel and looked through ALL their uploads until I found the very first one. I then began watching the videos from the first one forward. I have been watching for about a week or so. I have reached November of 2007. I'm enjoying the videos quite a bit, but I'm a little bummed because I have this weird quasi-OCD thing where when I find something on the internet that I like, I have to go back and look through it from the beginning until the present before I can start regularly checking it the recent updates. I do this with blogs, web novels, web comics and apparently I also do this with youtube videos. Does anyone else do this? Or am I all alone and weird?

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I'm exactly the same way. Must watch ALL THE VIDEOS or might as well not watch any of them.

I do but it depends on the type of material - like you can't really do that with philly d because he does news so even though he's funny, the news from three years ago isn't really interesting. but with stuff like the vlogbrothers? FOR SURE  

haha, don't worry, you're no alone. I do the same. And not just Youtube videos, mind you. I do the same for pretty much everything that has a beginning and an end.
I feel very incomplete if I miss out the beginnings of things. 

I've been doing exactly the same thing, although I only tend to do it if I like the series/youtube videos/books/comics. Also, I often can't find the first one (like with Asterix) but those usually work out of sequence anyway.

You are not alone.

my reply did not show up sad

Anywho I said I just recently started watching the original brotherhood 2.0 I watched 89 videos IN A ROW!!

It's been really slow at work. I am now on my second day and I am up to 127 and I have 3 more hrs at work.


I know what your talking about I do tend to do that but really I think only with movies or books. After I finish brotherhood I will go back to the recent Vlogbrother post which I think I have only not seen one new one. And a couple scishow.

I have seen already so many in random order that I will jsut casualy go through and see the ones I have not yet and eventualy SEE THEM ALL.


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