I am new to the VlogBrothers. I think I found them through Philip Defranco around the time that Hank posted his letter to the aliens. I watched a couple of the more recent videos, decided these guys are kind of interesting and then I opened a window to their youtube channel and looked through ALL their uploads until I found the very first one. I then began watching the videos from the first one forward. I have been watching for about a week or so. I have reached November of 2007. I'm enjoying the videos quite a bit, but I'm a little bummed because I have this weird quasi-OCD thing where when I find something on the internet that I like, I have to go back and look through it from the beginning until the present before I can start regularly checking it the recent updates. I do this with blogs, web novels, web comics and apparently I also do this with youtube videos. Does anyone else do this? Or am I all alone and weird?

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i've gone back and forth.  i came into the middle of Edding's Belgariad and loved it, for with Doctor Who, but there are book and tv series i've refused to watch because i couldn't go back to the beginning.  my youtube subscriptions it mostly depended on how fast i could get through them and how often they updated.

addendum.  i'm went a little nuts on subscriptions recently and i'm just now going back through and watching old vids in some cases, because i'd seen random videos or cammeos of said youtubers enough that i liked them.

Webcomics, yes, youtube channels, often, but web novels and blogs not so much. I have watched all of the vlogbrothers' videos at least twice.

How can you not go back to the beginning and read forward with web novels? That's like picking up a novel, opening to the middle and just reading from there. It makes no sense.
Perhaps, but it is easy not to start from the beginning when you do not start. I have not, to my knowledge, read a web novel.
I went back to the middle with vlogbrothers, but I just started watching Doctor Who and I'm doing it from the very start.
The very very start? Or the new version start?
All the time!
No, there are many many nerdfighters here that go back and watch them all through (multiple times) Including me.  I am half way through.
Thats not weird! Plenty of people do that! I also watched every single vlogbrothers video from start to finish. I am very happy that I did so. Now I am a part of an awesome community and I actually feel good inside.

So, for those that do this, do you also get angry when it is not easy to do this? For instance, when I'm introduced to a new blog I'll read a couple recent posts to see if I'm interested, but then (if I AM interested) I'll attempt to find the first post and read forward. But occasionally I'll happen upon a blog that seems interesting, but there are no archive links of any kind. Or there are archive links, but there are not 'back' and 'forward' links that would allow me to easily go from one post to the next. Then I become infuriated and I completely give up on the blog in question instead of just accepting it and reading backwards or only reading recent updates.


It is good to know I'm not the only one who does this though. Thanks.

*doesn't read* You're just weird.


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