So, I've decided what charity I want to do for this year's P4A, but I have a few problems (cue my friend saying, "There are no problems, only challenges and opportunities.") 
I was wondering what to do about this, and I had an epiphany: there are thousands of people who can help me!  So I am siezing the opportunity to overcome the following challenges:
Does anyone know when P4A is this year?  Dec. 16&17?
When will the Project's website get changed to Project 2012?
When do the Green brothers usually start talking about the Project?

Also, a little embarrassing, I have no idea how to upload a YouTube video. Any advice?

By the way, the charity I'm doing is called יד אליעזר (Yad Eliezer or Hand of Eliezer), an amazing organization in Israel that focuses on helping the poor.  Yad Eliezer is run almost entirely by volunteers and supported almost entirely by donations.  Yad Eliezer's programs include everything from food boxes to helping people who can't afford cancer treatments to paying for people to get job training, and also have a Big Brother/Big sister program.

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I wish i could help but i don't know when it is this year. To upload a video you must have an accout, you should see near the search bar something that says Upload. Then You will be able to!. Also great project!

The last two have been around the same time, so I'd assume that this years will be, too.

It's been on December 17th and 18th for the past 5 years, so I am going to assume that it is going to be on those dates, starting at 12:00 p.m. EST on December 17th

Seriously? P4A is the Monday and Tuesday of the first week of finals for me? I really, really hope that's not right.


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