Hello fellow nerdfighters, I'd like to bring this issue up for discussion as it is a very important subject to my family with one of my family members being diagnosed with cancer.

First of all, this is not a "should marijuana be legalized" type of thread. This is not talking about using Cannabis for recreational purposes, but about the actual usage in Cancer treatment.

I first got to hear about this from a Rick Simpson video called "Run from the Cure" which is available on YouTube. In the video, he talks about how he extract the oil out of the cannabis plant to help the people close to him. Naturally I was a bit skeptical as the video is mainly random news report, badly edited shots and only testimonies from the people he "cured".

But I continued to search on and I found that his claims may be holding some ground. There is another documentary called "what if marijuana cured cancer" also available on YouTube. The documentary showed more scientific facts, mentioning how the human body have 2 different types of endocannabinoid receptors called CB1 located in the brain and CB2 located everywhere else and that cannabinol compounds found in cannabis called delta 9 tetrahydro cannabinol, cannabadiol and approximately 40 compounds could lead to the apoptosis of certain cancer cells.

The documentary also showed that there were studies done on mice infected on cancer cells that showed significant reduction on the implanted tumors.

I continued to search online trying to find any form of medical research papers or reports that could back this up. Initially I thought its gonna be hard but it turns out its all over the place.

This one shows an extract from a 1975 studies called Journal of the National Cancer Institute which quote

"These results lend further support to increasing evidence that, in addition to the well-known behavioral effects of delta-9-THC, this agent modifies other cell responses that may have greater biologic significance in that they have antineoplastic activity."

I also found a company called Cannabis Science Inc

That actively research on the use of cannabis in medicine and has published several studies on the effects of cannabis on HIV, Cancer, Alzheimer's diseases and several others.

Lastly, through the magical powers of the Internet, I bear witness to a live web stream of a Medical Cannabis conference called Patients Out of Time on 28 and 29 of April. Full summary of events below.

The web stream was then recorded and uploaded to YouTube here.

This is truly blowing my mind. I seriously can't think of anymore reason to be skeptical. And then this news story turn me into a believer.

I am throughly out of skeptical cells to skepticize.

How can something that bring so much good be illegal? And worst of all, I cannot get it freely where I am in Singapore because it is not only illegal, it carries a mandatory DEATH penalty.

This seriously feels like a living nightmare. I have heard about vitamin B17 being banned but Laetrile had very little scientific backing to begin with. Cannabis has scientific backing.

I still have doubts that Cannabis extract can "cure" cancer but from everything I learn, it seems like it help a lot. And to deny patients from attaining this herb under penalty of death is nothing short of Monsterous.

I tried to bring the matter up on a Singapore public forum but it never got any responses.

I tried emailing the newspaper and the Singapore Cancer Society and I received no response. Sometimes if it is not for my mom assuring me everything I read is real, I began to think I'm imagining all these thing.......

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Vertigo I didn't say damm  the consequenses. Most things in life have consequenses and risk. You are responsible for those risk and consequenses. The consequenses of people crossing the street are that some will get hit and die. The consequense of smoking pot is that spome small percent may or may not have psychological problems. They may already had or have a tendency towards those problems. Most of those problems are minor anyway. But it is your right to do it.

Which drug causes this?

- Liver, bowel, and brain problems (Korsakoff's syndrome is an example)

- Increased risk of committing family violence and experiencing unemployment

- Increased risk of motor vehicle accidents, including those that cause death

- Increased likelihood of becoming a victim of violent crime, such as being date raped or bashed&rolled

- Rebound anxiety and issues with self esteem and impulse control

It is a legal, taxable substance.  It is part of numerous cultures as a festive, social activity. In some cultures it is even considered a rite of passage in adulthood or gender roles. It is often sold late into the evening on most days of the week, and is frequently available, even when medical care, and alternative transport options, or other healthier choices are not.  It has been known to cause the problems mentioned for centuries, and these are considered established facts.  Some communities voluntarily ban the substance to prevent harm, and often find this difficult due to it being so readily available.  Some individuals attempt to avoid consume it, but may experience peer pressure or isolation if they do not.

This occurs even though the substance is not known to provide any health benefits, except for limited quantities and only in special circumstance, with particular care given to preparation, none of which applies to it's actual day to day use, or the reasons for it's status as a legal drug.




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