Does John, Have Anything to do With This, or is it Incredibly creepy?

So I recently found many characters from John's books on facebook, and I have been talking to them... and they are supposed to be fictional. So I was wondering if it is just something cool that John is doing (I mean, seriously, Miles Halter came up on my facebook chat asking for relationship advice!), or is it some 42 year old pedophile who wants to find me, and kidnap me?
What are your opinions Nerdfighters? I mean, it seems like John has SOMETHING to do with it, as he is friends with all of them. I doubt if someone would create a facebook account as a fictional character (and they have obviously read the books if that is what they are), to try to lure in teenagers, and then add the author... right?

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They are probably just some random person who liked the book.
It was most likely not made by john, but the chances it is some pedophile is quite low.

I wouldn't accept the friend invite, only for the fact that i would then be sharing my very person info with a stranger.
Margo is John/someone closely related to John. Besides that, I don't know.


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