Does reading your horoscopemake you think it's going to happen making it happen

Does seeing the future make it come true?

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Horoscopes are often Vague, Broad, and General...So, If you think about it, Horoscopes are ridiculous:)
Today I read my horoscope (I never ready horoscope this is a rare occurrence) also today I sold my lunch for a profit my horoscope said I would come into some money but not wealth did I agree to sell my lunch because subcontioisly my brain said this is fate (which I don't believe in) 
Since then I can't figure out whether I would have done it if my horoscope hadn't predicted it
That is actually how they make people think that horoscopes are real. If you think about it, "I would come into some money but not wealth" is a pretty vague statement. They make it vague, then you are the one who fills in the gaps. Its the same technique that is used in psychic readings.
Horoscopes are complete and utter crap.

But I still adore reading them >->
This. I like astrology. It interests me. I also like reading about ancient Pagan beliefs. I find them interesting too. I don't believe in either, but the concepts are pretty cool.

I think that somehow, the alignments of the planets and stars do affect our bodies somehow. Not our situations or personalities like horoscopes say, but I don't see how huge objects in the sky that have huge mass and really strong gravitational fields don't at the very least change small things about our body chemistry. (I mean, it's been proven that even a small magnet can cause some physical changes in some people, so imagine what the movements of whole planets could do to you!?!?!)
Horoscopes are broad and they a often point at events that are possible but not events that will definitely happen. If you chose to follow the horoscope's advice then the chances are it will be true. However if you happen to read a negative horoscope then you should ignore it. The only way something is true is if you chose to believe in it. - a young pagan
As an ongoing experiment, I always read my horoscope from the day before. Then I see if its prediction actually happened. Most of the time, it hasn't come true, so I don't really think there's any validity to horoscopes. But I could see if you had read it before the day started, then you might be more willing to do what it said would happen.
good idea i might start doing this
If you read any Horoscope it will most likely fit you. I fit about 9 or 10 of the categories every time I read them. When being that vague almost anything can apply especially since the is no time-limit it could be referring to that day or a month so no matter what it says its usually right.

I do like having symbols though. I was born on a solstice so I am both Gemini and Cancer (Twin Crabs?) which I for some reason am proud of. Same thing with gemstones, Chinese year, all that stuff. I guess I am just obsessed with myself.


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