The meet up is the 31st of March at 1 pm. Location is Stephens Green... Maybe I will get one of those tour guide flags and put DFTBA on it :D

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The end of February/start of March is good for me because I'll be off from Trinity for a week from the 27th. :)

Same here (DIT), so that may be a great time to plan it!

How does Saturday March 3rd sound? We can find a location when we get a little closer? If not, which days are good for you? :)

Sorry for taking ages to reply - so busy! March 3rd sounds good. Anytime between 27th - 4th work great, other than that, any weekend. Not free weekdays. Again, sorry for taking ages to get back. :)

this would be awesoooome. But I would need to travel down to dublin so it would depend on the day etc =/

How does Saturday March 3rd sound? It gives us a little time to prepare!

saturday is the WORST day for me.It would be really hard for me to get it off. Its our most busy day. Though I understand that not everyone can be pleased! lol its okay =]

well which days work best for you? 

any day but a saturday. =]

Okie Dokie, well lets gather up our replies and see if we can't find a day and time to make everyone happy :)

I'm only in second year (school, I'm afraid) , but I'm off for midterm next week :D

How does Saturday March 3rd sound? It gives us a little time to prepare! If not, which days are good for you? :)


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