The meet up is the 31st of March at 1 pm. Location is Stephens Green... Maybe I will get one of those tour guide flags and put DFTBA on it :D

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To be honest I don't care when it is, so long as it's not during the week, cos that already cuts into the number of people who can go. The month is irrelevant to me, just decide on some way to combine the two..that way you'll get more people. (least that should work in theory)

It really doesn't matter who organises it. It doesn't give you anything more than the gatherings give to a normal please find some way to work on this together

That sounds great! I'm free Friday evenings, Saturdays and Sundays. I also have 2 Nerdfighter friends but they're not members of this group so I can check if they can go too. :)

Right guys, there's too many gatherings being planned simultaneously. You're going to get reduced attendance due to about 3 being planned for Ireland over the next 2 months. Maybe you organisers can work something out? 

Just as much as I love going to them, a gathering of about 10 people max is's not the best really.

i agree =] for what its worth

Thanks for the support :p

Never been to a gathering before, I'm up for it. first week of March would suit best. Sounds really good

Would we not be better holding off until some sort of holiday. It's often easier for people to attend them then. Like I'd love to have one as soon as possible, but at the same time we need to make it as accessible as possible

Easter, which is a long time away lol. So I dunno, just weekends can be fairly tight for people who have to travel at all..

Yeah...just need to talk to both Zach and Allan about it, get them to compromise on a date (they're the two organisers at the moment)

Sounds very good (:

Is this happening? PLEASE tell me this is happening! :D
I'm new (ish) to Dublin and really need to make some friends that have similar interests.  

Should be happening. We're looking at a late March, early April date.


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