The meet up is the 31st of March at 1 pm. Location is Stephens Green... Maybe I will get one of those tour guide flags and put DFTBA on it :D

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That'll be cool, but if there are people who want to meet up to hang out before then I'd be up for it too. I don't mean a giant meetup or anything. Just making new friends. :)

Ah we don't get a huge amount of people at the gatherings anyway. We'd be hoping for about 20 (max) at the next one.

I figured as much. I'm usually always free with a bit of notice anyway. :)

Well we'll get the information to you as soon as it's available then :)

If it's around Easter, will it be during the week or on a weekend? Just since I'm in Uni I don't get off for Easter, so I won't be able to go if any lectures or tutorials interfere. Though if it's it late enough I may be off, but I have several essays and exams around the start of April. I'll try to work around things though. :)

As you probably know we do tend to try to organise gatherings for weekends, particularly when it will cut down on the number of people who could go if we don't

We should pick a date.... I what about the 3rd of March then?

We're looking at having it on the 31st of March at the moment. 3rd of March would be very short notice for some people, and may put them off

Hey guys! So Saturday March 31st is our date :)

13:00 at Stephens Green.

If you have any questions just ask!

Grand. :)

I'm already looking for hotels!!! :D

Ok people, we have an event on Facebook for the Irish NF group. You can either let us know that you're coming on there, or just show up on the day. Will be great to meet some new Irishy Nerdfighters :)


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