As many nerds do, I play D&D. After our last night playing we were able to wish for anything from some magic wizard type guy (I'm not sure exactly what he is.) He's granting us each one wish. As it is with D&D, if I'm not extremely specific in my wording, the DM will find a way for it to backfire--horribly.

So, what should I wish for? I have no idea what to ask for, but figured that if anybody could help me it would fellow Nerdfighters.

My character is a level 21 Human Monk, lawful-neutral. The DM has taken what he likes from all of the systems (mostly 3.0 and 3.5, I think) and combined them into one.

Thanks, any suggestions help--whether you play D&D or not.

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I think whatever you wish for, you should add that no harm come to anyone by any means of your wish. AKA if you wish for money, you don't get it from someone, making that person poor, or having someone die and leave you that money.

After that's out of the way, ask yourself what would be most useful. Could you up your stats? Can you up your teammates stats? Can you add abilities or items? And which one would be most useful?

I think I would opt for everyone in your party to gain a level after every battle, if it was entirely up to me and that were possible in your game.
In my opinion if you don't make your DM regret ever giving you a wish, you made the wrong wish. Are there any limits on what you can wish for? If not you should try to change the world in some way. Like have the moon crash into the earth. Or have the sun grow and evaporate all of the water on the planet. Or just have the sun disappear and leave the world in everlasting night. If that's all too much then wish for a loyal pet dragon, since that'd be freaking awesome.
I second the pet dragon.

If not, and if you want to avoid messing with stats through the wish, I would wish for something like a book that, when needed, can always give accurate, helpful, specific advice on any situation at hand, making sure to specify that it doesn't speak in riddle and it's written in a language your character can read.
Try wishing deliberately for something that will screw you over. For example, "I wish for $1,000,000 BUT it has to be in a chest that I can never open, and it has to be insurance money from one of my relatives who has just died tragically." I don't think he'll see it coming.


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