A friend of a friend recently passed away. I didn't know him, but he was only 14 years old. 

A few months ago, he started a project with the goal to change the world one inspirational sign at a time. He wanted to change as many people's lives as possible for the better. I don't know any community better than the nerdfighters to carry out his goals. Let's help his project to live on.

See for details. For all of you who don't have facebook, here are the details: 

We are trying to change the world, one Sign at a time. Write one world of inspiration, on anything you have, turn it into a sign and put it somewhere for the world to see! We love pictures so please help us make this trend worldwide!!!!
To make the world a better place one sign at a time.
This is a page where we are now honoring my best friend and his dream to change the world. Dylan is no longer with us physically but in spirit he is with all of us. We are making signs, as he did and posting them where ever we can, in hopes that it will inspire someone to act kindly and even get in on making signs as well. We CAN change the world one sign at a time.

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