My mind has been plagued by this question for a while now-
Would you rather date Edward Cullen or a Gremlin?

I would personally choose the gremlin- he would have more personality, probably dress better and wouldn't be a controlling overprotective stalker.
The best part is, when you get sick of him you can shove him out in the sunlight and he will shrivel up and die, rather than sparkle *shudder*.

Who would you choose?

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No, I would also rather a gremlin than jasper.
But jasper over edward any day.
A gremlin.


a) Edward Cullen garners Bella's affection via looks. While looks are great and all, He's an empty vessel in which to pour a teenage girl's hopes and dreams. I'd rather have personality.
b) Gremlins are funnier than Edward.
c) Dating gremlins wouldn't get me lynched by teenage fangirls.
d) I am not really into the idea of kissing marble. It sounds uncomfortable to me.
e) I love a good evil laugh.
f) Gremlins aren't abusive.
g) or stalker-y
h) Nor do they glitter in the sunlight. Seriously, man, if you keep doing that I'm apt to go blind!
GREMLIN! I bet that Gremlins aren't abusive boyfriends.

He is so much more valiant

how can he not be better looking than a wuss like:

He is WAY better looking. Is he the same as the cuddly-looking Gremlin? I only remember seeing about two seconds of the movie when I was in grade school...
The gremlin doesn't have hair that looks like it needs to eat squirrels to keep itself so big.
oh yeah, they'll only be manically laughing while sawing you in half with a chain saw. cause that's not abusive.
Well, it's alot less sneaky than edwards brand of abuse
I haven't even read/watched Twilight but Edward Cullen looks like a complete muppet so I'd go for Gremlin.
I havn't seen gremlins so I don't know what I'm getting into but it couldn't possibly be worse than dating Edward. can you get female gremlins or are they just nothing? I like the sunlight idea if the gremlin gets too annoying, but then what kind of a partner would I be?
I don't think they have a gender.


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