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Cho Chang


i'll count the votes and delete the one with most votes

Why is Astoria still up there? Confusion...

lucy and lames got equal scores, so they're both out, umbitch and cho changbang were out already

new round starts now, ends in about a day



Why in the name of all heck

I find him annoying and manipulative.

I cant believe you think that.

"annoying" just has to do with personal taste, I guess.  The man is constantly giving Harry part of the story, instead of the whole truth and I find that annoying.  I know that he needs to act that way for the story/plot to work correctly, but, still, I can't stand it.  And he is manipulative, whether it is for the good and all, it is still manipulation.  Plus he has a beard that i feel the compulsion to take a pair of scissors to, every time i see it.

He does have some flaws but in my opinion that's what makes him so life like (if a wizard can be life like). He probably should have explained more to Harry but that also might have made the books less interesting.


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