Hey! It's a newb. Not to be confused with noob, which is dramatically different.

The name's Abby. I am sorry to say that I'm not quite as much of a nerd as some of you are proud to say, but I do try. I fangirl over such things as Harry Potter, anime, Japanese culture and a few other things I don't care to mention.

I'm glad to have joined this particular community which is most definitely the most epic I've participated in.

Ta ta, cheerio,


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Hey, welcome to Nerdfighteria!
Hello, and welcome to the glorious land of Nerdfighteria!!!

Hallo, willkommen zum prachtvollen Land von Nerdfighteria!!!

Bonjour, bienvenue à la terre glorieuse de Nerdfighteria!!!

¡¡¡Hola, recepción a la tierra gloriosa de Nerdfighteria!!!

I do hope that you at least understood the English part...0.o;
I prefer the binary code version of it.
And, because she's a Japan fan:

Konichiwa, soshite subarashii no Nerdfighteria ni youkoso!
XD I got the German, French and Spanish... the binary... not so much ;]

Thanks guys... if this was the wrong way to go about introducing myself, I apologise T-T I've never been apart of a decent forum before that requires you to be intelligent XD
Hey! I'm a newb too. It's nice to not be alone :D

Also, Harry Potter FTW.
YUS! Saw the new one the day it was out... unfortunately not the midnight showing T-T

Cute, Fred XD Thanks!
I missed the midnight showing too. I was sad. But it was still so exciting to finally see the movie!
'Ey welcome to Nerdfighteria!


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