*sigh* the battle that has been going on for centuries. Good vs. Evil, Emos vs. Preps... In my opinion, why do we all have to hate eachother? Why cant we get along? Peace is the way to be, wat do you think?

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I'm currently being turned into an emo, but I'll never like the music or slit my wrists.
What's the diffrens between them? Both emo and prep is some kind of style, right? Or is there some kind of personality that comes with the clothes? I think it's ridiculous!
We should have peace but the average sheep human just won't have it, I say there not really sheep, but sheep with rabies, there dumb, fairly boring, slightly aggressive, and contagious to people without a vaccine (nerds) and for some reason people don't want a cure.
if u r a prep den fuk u!!!!!111111111111 if u r goffic den u rok!!!!!!!1

I don't understand the whole battle thing either.
I thought the centuries-long battle was Jocks vs. Geeks.
Now THAT conflict has reason.
emos vs. prep is because emos are always dark and shady and preps are always bright and happy but emos are good but misunderstood and preps are evil and are only happy because they know they pick on the misunderstood people. this is a slightly less known battle.
Because everybody disagrees with everybody else. Add stereotypes and prejudice into the mix, and you've got a bowlful.
If this discussion that's been going on for at least 40 years in a thread from a year ago is going to get resurrected I think someone should focus on answering why we have a nature to make quick assessments in the first place and stick with them so tenaciously; why the "first impression" is so much more important than the 2nd-50th impression.

Personally, I think it's because if I see a lion in the savannah, I think it's going to eat me, so I go away. If I see a bear in the forest I think it's going to eat me, so I go away. If I see a snake I think it's going to bite me, laugh at me, then eat me, so I go away. I'm not too interested in giving those things a 2nd or 50th chance to prove they have to intentions to digest me. That definitely gets nurtured by High School political culture, but I think deep down it's a very human reaction across the board from a very long time ago and saying we should just stop doing it is ignorant of what we are.
I agree with you. At the moment I can't think of a better way to put it than your It's Going to Eat Me metapor-like thing. Maybe it's centuries-old instincts from caveman days still kicking in?
You're right. In cavemen times people to different and with different lifestyles we knew were from a different tribe, so therefore they could be hostile. Now we're more civilized and can get along, but its just nature.
I guess we just aren't civilized enough........ Though a world without these instincts might be a very dull one.
the "preps" at my school are really nice and i like them. and we dont really have "emos" we have druggies. anyway i think people should just stop being jerks and get along.


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