*sigh* the battle that has been going on for centuries. Good vs. Evil, Emos vs. Preps... In my opinion, why do we all have to hate eachother? Why cant we get along? Peace is the way to be, wat do you think?

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I prefer the Mod vs. Greaser debate.
What's wrong with being a prep?
Nothing at all. It just means that emos and preps are pretty much opposites.
I think turtles should stop lazy shits and get a fucking job. That's what I think.
this week I bought some hollister shirts and "Preppy" clothes, but that doesn't mean I'm going to be accepted as a "prep" I'm still going to play my ukulele and obsess over Harry Potter like the rightful nerd I am...DFTBA
Oh my god THANK YOU.
The battle is because teenagers don't realize that judging people by their looks is completely idiotic. You shouldn't actually judge a person until you know them. Its like when Hank went up to those punk dudes, they looked like mean bad asses but they were nice and talked to him and ate a shit load of peeps in one minute.


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