Blurbing book club book from 1 January - 31 January 2011.  

Here's a few things you should probably do:

1. Read the book (obviously).

2. Come back to this forum and leave your thoughts about the book. You
can write a sentence, you can write an essay, it doesn't matter,
whatever you want.

3. Blurb the book.
Some of you may not know what a blurb is so allow me to explain: A
blurb is a sentence of 10 words or less, that sums up the book in
question. If you want an example, look on the back (occasionally the
front) of some books lying around your house. Those are blurbs.

Keep in mind that you can also compose lol-cat blurbs if you'd like (the same thing but with internet slang).


This book was chosen for January because it's one of my favourite books ever, it's widely available and I hope we can start the New Year off with a great book discussion.

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I love this book so much I've lost track of how many times I've read it! I like Ender's Shadow way more though.


International Fleet tricks Ender, a child, into committing xenocide. *headdesk*

This is my first time here (at the blurbing book club) so forgive my ignorance here... Does the club primarily focus on YA books?

Not exactly.. It depends on the person running the blurbing book club! When I ran it, as I primarily read YA, I chose YA for us to read. Now that there's a new Books NM, he might take things in another direction!

There are obviously a whole heap of issues addressed in this book... Prompted by the comments of you guys I thought about it from a purely 'plot' perspective, and there really isn't all that much to it! It's the details in how the plot comes together that causes us to think and be shocked and to question.

Anyway, as I said, so many issues, but at the end the one most on my mind is that of identity and Val's statement 'Nobody controls his own life, Ender. The best you can do is choose to be controlled by good people, by people who love you.'
As much as we're encouraged to 'be ourselves', who we are is impacted by those around us. The quality (or lack thereof) of the influence of adults in our childhood played a significant role in crafting us. The joy of growing up is that we now have the freedom, as Ender did, to choose who the people influencing us are.

Blurb: The End of the Game has come and gone...

This Book is so captivating! I literally hated abandoning it to do things like eating! The ending is definitely one that caught me by surprise but made it more awesome x1000!

My blurb:

An dark thought, a coalescence of every war ever.

This is one of my favorite books. I have read it so many times it's not even funny.

I really enjoyed this book! I read it last year for my Pre-A.P. Sophomore English class. Usually when I'm forced to read books for school, I hate it because often they can be genres I hate, hard to understand, or the teacher over-analyzes it. But, the story and characterization was very intriguing and the author's message is clear without being too overstated. The language is written in modern language and the author does a brilliant job in making the setting very futuristic and believable. I can't wait to re-read this book again and then read the rest of the series. In this book:

Communication is key.

It's been a couple years since I read the book, but it is awesome. I heard they were going to make a movie and honestly I don't think they could do the book justice. Anyone concur?

Theoretically, a Kubrick-esque masterpiece could.
In all likelihood, if it's a major studio, they will sell out and it will be a total failure.

I read this book last January for a sci-fi book club at my local library.  Last summer, I met a woman who'd named her son Ender.  We instantly became friends. 


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