Ok so it seems unlikely, but i'm a rather determined person.

and with years of planning it could come true.

My plan is this:
So we get however many nerdfighters are interested, and then in the year 20... hmmm 12. so in 2012, we all get together around may, and head off on a MASSIVE trip. we go to leakycon. comicon, whatever nerdy conventions are on at the time in america. We hunt down hank and john and get a massive gathering outside their houses with a massive sign that says 'O HAI!" and yea...
then there can be the earope side of the trip! going to famous crop circle areas, the doctor who museum, all that jazz.

So you can do the whole trip, come along for a little bit of it, only do the american or europe side of the trip.

but 2012 gives you 3 years to save up, 3 years for all of us to plan, and 3 years for me to desperately clutch onto the hope that this will work because it is my new life purpose.

please nerdfighters,
do this.
theres NO WAY you could ftba when on a nerdfighter trip!


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this sounds like the singular most difficult and amazing tihng in the world ever!!
i would really love to do it, though.
nice plan.
looks like someone didn't ftba!
I've heard of some forums actually pulling this off. Apparently some people actually bought plane tickets to make the event..a road trip is a totally different story. It'd be fun if the road trip was basically picking everyone up from their hometown and seeing where it goes from there.

Can anyone get their hands on a school bus?
Used school buses seem to go for $10,000 and up. Plus someone would have to have a commercial driver's liscense (though I'm sure someone in Nerdfighteria must have one already). I don't know what would happen to the bus once the trip was done, but, unless the roadtrip is less than 5 days, it's more cost effective to just buy one than to try to rent one.

That said, a convoy of cars would probably be easier for everyone.
so fundraising begins soon... anyone who's willing to contribute? i'm all up for a group of aussies around brisbane busking together once or twice a month, that money adds up.

Busses are expensive but could take a fair load of people... we dont want to be destroying the earth with our carbon footprint.

Theres also the option of renting RV's and caravans, we can take a few people in those and they're just awesome.
i already have my hands on a bus driver...if that helps. we're in upstate NY :D

hmmm well we could try...

a whole convoy of (epically cool) minivans?


but yea, it would be a sort of tiki tour thing, bussing around and stuff too, i just really think that if enough people get into it we could make it!

coz imo it would be awesome <_/body>
That sounds like a pure epic and cataclysmic collision of awesome.
This sounds awesome! I'm not sure if I'll be able to go, but three years is a long time, so for now I'm in.

That would be awesome. But I have a request if I end up coming. At one point we actually make a list of things we need and dart it into BP station as fast as we can. I just think it would be awesome. And perhaps Agloe, NY would be a good stopping place as well, but its not as nessacary as the BP station thing.
BP station stop off's are a must.

have teams who get their turns, it'll work...

and agloe was already in my mind as an essential stop off...
And during the drill, the food person is required to shout "CRACKERS!" at the top of their lungs and rush at the cracker display.
Hmm.. i'm not sure about leakycon either, but if not there should be SOME harry potter conference on somewhere.

Summer sounds like good timing... And meeting at an event could work well, so we'll need to research what's happening in the summer of 2012
Comic Con goes on every year, and it the pinnacle of awesome and nerdiness.


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