Hey guys!
My challenge on my collab channel calls for fifty pick up lines in four minutes, like Hank's "50 jokes in Four Minutes" or John's "Last Words in Four Minutes" (or whatever they were called).

So I ask all of you, what are your favorite pick up lines? Let them be clean, dirty, nerdy, cool, short, sweet, ANYTHING!!

If I like yours, then I'll use them in my video. Check this channel on March 5th to find out:

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Are you from heaven? Because I've got an erection.

I don't remember where I read that one, but it just cracked me up for five minutes straight.
ME! It was in the Valentine card thread...somewhere!
Is that an Angels in America reference? Yay!

My favorite pick-up line, which may have been posted already:
"Are you a general? Because you make my privates stand up."
family guy mate
Robot Chicken
holy crap i choked on my noodles, LOL
lololol thats from robot chicken XD epiccc
God, that outfit looks fantastic on you!
But, y'know, I think it'd look even better...on my floor.

I've always loved that one. XP
Not really a pickup line but...

Girl : I'm tired.
Guy: Would you like me to sleep with you?

Someone actually said that to me [yuck :S]


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