Hello Nerdfighters!
I thought I'd start this for all those people just about/ just finished exams/hate exams/love exams. I need to rant and moan and generally blow off some steam about exams and I thought other Nerdfighters might need too as well.

As John would say- Puff levels are extremely high!

So I thought we could talk about what revision techniques people use, maybe find people taking the same subject and revise bits and pieces together. The more the merrier after all. Also what do people do to stay calm before exams? Do you have any rituals, lucky underwear, thats sort of thing.

Is there anyone who enjoys exams and the challenge of them?

...I'll go revise now...

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Ug, this whole month has been one long standardized test for me. First the SAT, then 4 AP tests, then SOLs (the baseline, every-one-can-pass-so-its-really-a-joke standardized tests, every state calls it something different). I generally don't stress too much over tests. I get nervous an hour or so before, but once I start, it goes away and I just crack down and get to work. My favorite thing ever on tests is when they inadvertently answer one question in another question! It happens rarely, but it is a beautiful moment when it does.
I know the feeling Lizzy :] Good luck on your test!

I took my last ever AP tests on thursday... I feel so free!

Oh and Casey I LOVE those moments too! :]]]


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