I need some words or phrases which can be used in negative exclamation, such as 'bollocks!' and 'drat!' You get the idea.

So far I have:

Oh my!
Oh my life!
Bloody hell!
Great Caesar's ghost!
Gordon Bennett!
Holy moly!
Oh, bollocks! (or just 'bollocks!)
Cor blimey!
Oh sod it!
Oh balls!
By Lucifer's beard!
Upon my word!
Pinche gente! ('Darn people!')
Mon Dieu! ('My God!')
Zut alors! (Roughly 'DAMN!')
Merlin's pants!
Merlin's beard!
Goodness me!
Oh fiddlesticks!
Oh my lanta!
Oh, for fudge cake!
Christ on a bike!
Damn and custard!
Son of a gun!
Son of a bitch!
Good gracious!
Great Scott!
Jiminy Cricket!
Good grief!
Cheese 'n' rice!
Hell's bells!
Double fuck with a scoop of ice cream!

As well as the obvious expletives (which you are free to use as creatively as you wish, by the way).

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Dagnabbit and Dagummit are my 2 current faves (trying hard to quit cursing ;) -- R2Ks
You didn't have OH SOD IT! in the original list?

Tsk Tsk, what do they teach kids in how to be English classes these days... :P

Oh, plus you can't forget OH BALLS [to Monty] - optional extra and obscure Withnail & I quote.

Its similar to Bollocks i admit, but nowhere near as versatile as the ubiquitous Bollocks!

"Withnail and I" is my all time fave.

"You can shove it up your ass and fuck off while you're doing it." [to Danny].
Awesome movie isn't it. My favorite 'cult' movie of all time easily.

'My thumbs have gone weird!'

'I'm going to do the washing up!' 'NO you can't its too dangerous!, there are things... GROWING!' lol.

Reminds me of student days just a bit too much, had two guys on my course who would watch the film once per week, and greet each other by shouting across the campus 'Monty you terrible C*$%!' Which almost the whole course ended up adopted as its customary greeting.
By Lucifer's Beard!
Upon my word.
Well, of course you're perfectly entitled to use any language you like. :]
lol Zut Alors is one of my faves XP
They forget the Quebecois swear: Tabernac!
In that case:
Mon Dieu! (you seem to be steering away from the "dieu" aspect of things, but French makes it classier, non?)

And, of course:
Zut alors!
My favorite French exclamation is Sacre Bleu! You can't help but sound like an extremely stereotypical Frenchman when you say it either lol.
I just sound like John Cleese in The Holy Grail when I say that. :]


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