Hey everyone.

I was just wondering what everyone thinks about Facebook, or any social networking site. I was probably the last person on earth to sign up for facebook (seriously, my dad got a Facebook account before I did. I've been on for less than a year) and I have to say that I am still not entirely sure what the point of it is. It's really cool that you can connect with people you haven't spoken to or seen in a really long time. But honestly, once you've friended (wow, new verb,,,,) them and realised that there was a reason you hadn't spoken to them since you were seven years old, the fun wears off. I find myself checking my facebook page at least ten times a day, and am constantly frustrated by the fact that NOTHING EVER HAPPENS. Nothing changes! Sure a friend will occasionally put a post up on my wall asking if I'd like to hang out on the weekend, but that could have been accomplished by emailing, texting, or phoning me. Half the stuff people write in their statuses (stati?) is so stupid and pointless that I just want to reach through the computer screen and punch whoever wrote it. There really is nothing fun, productive, or interesting about Facebook.


My question then is, why is everyone with a computer, including me, TOTALLY ADDICTED TO IT? I mean, I spend time on facebook that I could be spending on my reading and coursework, not to mention the great Canadian novel that I have been aspiring to write and publish since I was ten years old. What is it about social networking that sucks people in and glues them to their computer screens? What makes people stop listening to a prof in a lecture to answer an MSN message, text, tweet, or wall post? How addicted to social networking are you? What do you think it does to personal relationships and communication?


Ok so that was more than one question, but I want to hear your thoughts! Thanks!

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Most people are inherently voyeuristic. Just because you don't want to be around someone doesn't mean you don't want to know what they're doing, and Facebook lets you peep them without having to actually talk to them in some fashion.

and her answer was: "well, it's just difficult 'cause you don't have facebook." I don't see what's so hard about texting me instead? whereas my conversation would go "You didn't answer your text" "Why not just call me?". It just occurred to me how incredibly loosely I had to use the term "talk to them" in the last paragraph.

I resisted FB for a long time, and finally gave in the same week I got on Twitter too. Nothing ever happens on it, so I only spend a few minutes a week at it. And I'm okay with that, because as my profile says, I prefer the cold hard truths of Zombies to the easy lies of Unicorns.
HA! You said it. Voyeurism is a natural kink, I guess.

"I prefer the cold hard truths of Zombies to the easy lies of Unicorns." <- That is what the world should run on. I like that.
um yeah it took me a while to get into to facebook , but when i did i was totally addicted, now the newness has worn off and im dont go on it as much as i used to . i find it good that you can always find out what ppl r doing without making too much effort .. thats sounds stalkerish and mean but sometimes you dont have time to call everyone of your friends and ask about there life, ooh and i find it a great way to remeber ppl's birthdays its pretty helpful actually
Well, I personally am not a fan of Facebook.... My sister actually forced me to join (she said if I didn't, she would make one for me and insult all of my friends as me. Yeah, I know, she is the living form of World Suck.) Anyway, I think the only reason people like Facebook is because it's an easier way for people to talk to people without having to take the energy to get up and call them. Also, the fact that there are a huge number of games also adds to the fact that people like it.
The only reason I still have my facebook is so that I can creep peoples pictures. There are like six other ways that people can get a hold of me. Two of those without getting up from the computer. So, I agree, Facebook is really just another way to keep people from actually speaking to each other.
For me, Facebook is just a nice way to talk to people for college and get in touch with people with your similar interests. It's fun to just talk to people sometimes and plus it provides a place to put pictures and get nice quotes and quick news. When Gary Coleman died it flared up.

When Italy or Paraguay scored and I was away, checked my phone and facebook and wa-la. Posts upon posts. So I guess those are the uses in a nutshell xD It's just a convenience.

In reality, do we really need anything but food, shelter, and love?
Hi. nOOb here, be kind.

I've spent the last week catching up on vlogbrother videos and noticed that about seventy-five percent of the time I get this ad that says, "friend BP on Facebook". Very irritating.
Eh just ignore it, it's advertising.
I'm the same way. I use my facebook to talk to the people I've met online the most. I barely talk to my friends that are around me on my facebook. It's useful for planning events though. We recently figured out what we were doing for prom using the message thread thing on facebook, which is a lot easier than trying to call everyone or get everyone together before the event.
I don't like Facebook all too much, or Twitter or other stuff. Facebook has that privacy crap and I just never found a use for Twitter.
Although Diaspora looks awesome.....
Facebook can be good and bad. Like you mentioned, you can reconnect with people you haven't seen in a while, and that kind of stuff. Yes, it's true that people can/will post really stupid things that you wouldn't think anyone in their right mind would ever post, but at times there are interesting things that pop up, and whenever you get notifications, you just have to check it out. As someone else posted, don't check it so much. Find things to do other than sit at a computer screen like shopping, or hanging out with friends. That way, you won't be thinking about facebook so much and the need to log on and check stuff. Communication wise, facebook in my opinion makes it easier to get in contact with people, and stay in touch with their lives via status feeds if you like it or not. But if you want to say serious things like... if you're breaking up w/ someone, you really shoudl do that face to face rather than facebook. It may not be easier, but always remember, what you type and send in msgs thru texting, email, facebook ect. you can't take back your words. Its really up to you on how much time you want to spend on these sites. ;o
I enjoy facebook but one of the saddest things for me is when im with my friends and they just get on. and then everybody wants to. its never fun to watch someone be on their facebook.


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