Just a thought    which famous people do you think are (or would be if they knew about it) Nerdfighters? (I'm just gonna go ahead and say NO HARRY POTTER CAST MEMBERS :) just so they don't clutter up the board...) 

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john dolmayan from SOAD
idk her name, but the girl that played chloe on 24, was in weezer vid, strikes me as being down with the nerds
lady gaga. yes, i know, there's a general love her/hate her, but you have to admit the girl just lets the flag fly.
lol... let's say no YouTubers either.
Oh yeah, Will Wheaton and maybe other people from Big Bang Theory :)

And I'd like to believe CoCo as well... that'd be pretty awesome.

The neutrinos...


um well isnt it obvious hohn and hank green are like at the top of youtube so im pretty sure they count as celebrities and r the biggest nerd fighters out there :) and um charlie mc donell and alex day :)
Yeah that's basically what I mean, but also maybe famous people who might actually be Nerdfighters in reality, or at least have the qualities and values of a Nerdfighter.

And yes I mean other than YouTube, like more "mainstream" or however you want to put it...

Prabably Zachary Levi. I saw a picture of him doing the vulcan salute :)

I definitely think Zachary Levi could be one!


If Zachary Levi knows about Nerdfighters, he is one. CHUCK!!!!!!!

Cameron Monaghan who plays Ian Gallagher on Shameless US is a nerdfighter! or at least he has mentioned nerdfighteria and DFTBA on his twitter, and said he loves Looking fo Alaska.

I've heard that Kimya Dawson is a nerdfighter... I must verify this.

(she is a musician, best known for being on the soundtrack to the movie Juno)


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Here are some YT links to channels related to Nerdfighteria and educational content!

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