Alright. So, I've found myself with little shame this past week. I feel
like a spammer. :( But I've gotta try. $15,000 is a lot...

Fastweb is celebrating it's 15th anniversary by giving away $15,000. Registered
users vote for the top 10 submissions, then the winner of those top 10
are voted on by the fastweb judges. If you have a few minutes, please
register and vote for my submission. Registration is free and you have 1
vote every day. Voting ends July 2nd.

SIGN UP at the top right to receive an activation email. Click the link in the email to activate your account. The link will take you to your profile page, but you can find my submission here:

On the picture itself, on the bottom right corner, there is a blue ribbon
that has how many votes and "VOTE NOW - 1 vote per day"

If by miracle I win, 100% of the money will go towards my tuition, which in
turn will help me be a better filmmaker. And then I can help spread the
word of anti-world suck through film!

Thanks to everyone who has already voted. Come back tomorrow and vote again!

And again many sincere thanks in advance to anyone who can assist me!
1 vote each day to keep my pic in play!

PS. If you have any trouble registering, logging in, and/or voting, let me know.
I'll try and help troubleshoot!


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Oh no! July 2nd is the last day to vote....tomorrow! If you're happy and you know it, click and vote! :D
yours has the most votes out of the ones i looked at, so u should be good to go, eh?
I wish! I think the lowest of the top 10 has around 1200 votes or so, and only the top 10 make it to the final round. Please vote if you can!
Thanks guys. Last day to vote! Thanks to those who've already voted. I sincerely appreciate it.
so a LOT of votes were deleted and now talya is back in the game! It's a mad dash on the last day and I think she has a chance to get into the top 10! :D :D Much thanks to all who have voted!
Hey guys! A sincere thanks to any and all that were able to register and vote. Much appreciated. Unfortunately I don't believe I made it into the top 10 and if I did I won't find out until the end of the month I think... Anyway, thanks again for your support!

Best wishes!


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