what's your favorite book you've been assigned to read?
mine's The Outsiders

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I liked Lord of the Flies the first time I read it, but I hate it so much now after re-reading it so many times in class D;
I never enjoyed reading an assigned book in my life, It seems wrong to mandate art. I know why they do it but it still seems wrong.
To Kill a Mockingbird. Being from Alabama made it even more special.
Unlike the vast majority (maybe all), of my classmates, I really enjoyed most of the books I read in school. A few I read before the class did, so I'm not sure those count. Those would be The Outsiders and The Giver, both read in middle school.
Besides those, I would probably say Catcher. It's hard to pick the ones that have stuck with me the most. 
Outsiders (Johnny NOOOO!), Catcher and Giver are my tops. Sula by Toni Morrison follows, I think. 
The Great Gatsby and A Brave New World

Even though I really sis not like my English teacher for Brit Lit last year, she made me read some amazing books. I would say that my favorite was A Tale of Two Cities. I also enjoyed Brave New World, but it wasn't my favorite.

And the only thing I can even call litertature that we read in grammar school was To Kill A Mockingbird which was pretty epic.

Tomorrow, When the War Began by John Marsden.

First They Killed My Father-Loung Ung. 

To date, the best book I've ever gotten in English class

The Outsiders, definitely. I cried so hard. Dx Everybody was like Whoa are you crying?! And I'm like *sniffle sniffle* NO!!!!
Lord of the Flies. Usually studying a book in class saps any interest out of it but I really enjoyed going into detail on this one! :)
The Great Gatsby. Reading it in AP English my junior year of high school introduced me to F. Scott Fitzgerald, and now he is one of my greatest influences. Honorable mention goes to Speak. I loved the book, but it didn't influence me like Gatsby did.
Really? I liked it but in no way was it an influence. I honestly read it because it was assigned, I have no emotional attachment to it at all which generally tells me whether I like it or not. When I finish reading a book I like to feel like I miss the characters and their journey but I was just... bleh same old, same old. I mean I could have just as easily read any of Steinbeck's work and get the same themes and they wouldn't be as boring.


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