what's your favorite book you've been assigned to read?
mine's The Outsiders

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I believe Junk is the same book as Smack...and if so, that was a great book. I was never assinged it though.
Smack? As in like british junkie kid? That was awesome... Read that in Iraq... It blew me away!
You're school let you read a book about drugs?? Lucky, MY SCHOOL BANNED LOOKING FOR ALASKA! 
I really liked the Great Gatsby and Animal Farm. Oh.. and The Giver.
The Giver all the way. And The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe, but I didn't enjoy that until a year after it had been assigned, lol.
I was never assigned the Giver because it was for "on-level" eighth graders and I was always "above-level" so I was assigned Animal Farm, which I didn't like so much....but the Giver is an all time favorite of mine

We read that in 7th or 8th grade. I lost my copy but MAN it's a great book. Anthem by Ayn Rand is pretty similar. I read it in 2 and a half hours.
AYN RAND IS MY GIRL. I read Anthem on a bus to the High Museum in Atlanta for a field trip (AP Art History) and it blew my mind. Not a required book though.
probably either Jane Eyre or Fahrenheit 451
Ahh, you beat me to posting Fahrenheit 451.
It was a brilliant book, and I was the only one in class that liked it XD
I second Fahrenheit 451!
Yes! Both those books are fabulous, although, I don't think I was assigned to reading Jane Eyre


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