This might already exist, but I didn't feel like sifting through the massive amount of discussions. 

When I was a kid, I almost exclusively read Pippi Longstocking books by Astrid Lindgren. 
I didn't broaden my horizons much for a long time, but I read all the Little House on The Prairie books in 3rd and 4th grade. I mainly read school material until 6th grade, which is sad.  But hey! Better late than never!

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oh my gosh!!! i am exactally the same!!!! so loved pippi longstockings when i was little! did you ever listen to the books on tape? although i did read more books in third and fourth grade i think it was like babysitters club and stuff like that

Before I could even really read I loved the Serendipity and Raggedy Ann & Andy books.  Then when I could actually read by myself, I loved (in no certain order)


-Dear America and Royal Diaries books

-The Amazing Days of Abby Hayes


-Avalon: Web of Magic and Avalon:The Quest for Magic

-Series of Unfortunate Events

-Song of the Lioness quartet 

-Harry Potter :)

As a kid, I didn't branch out much in my reading. I stuck to authors/series that I knew and loved. I'm pretty sure I read every single Boxcar Children and Magic Tree House book. The Phantom Tollbooth, by Norton Juster was (and still is) one of my favorites. I was a big fan of the Redwall series, by Brian Jacques, The Dark is Rising series, by Susan Cooper and a couple classics: A Little Princess and The Secret Garden. 

Oh and of course, Harry Potter :) 

I didnt really start rreading untill I was around ten-ish. I had a bit of a learning dissability that just made it way to hard for me to consintrate for that long. Lucky for me I had an amazing older sister that would read to me( she actualy read the first Harry Potter alowed to me). I LOVED the Mrs. Pigglwiggle books. I also had a 3rd grade teacher that read us The Sideways stories from Way Side School. When I finaly started to read on my own I liked Mr. Poppers Penguins, The Magic Tree House and 100 Dresses. But my all time favorie then (and still now) is Ella Enchanted.


When I was six my brother read the first HP book aloud to me ^_^ It's actually what got me into reading in the first place (I like to say he created a monster :P)

Older siblings -- fab, right? :D

I really loved Jane Eyre and the Rowan of Rin series. I can remember some other books that I loved too, but I can't remember their titles. :( :))
Michael Morpurgo is an amazing author, loved his books. Never got around to Private Peaceful, though. I loved Kensuke's Kingdom.
i read a lot of agatha cristies work as a kid as well as a lot of the target who novels
When I was little I loved the book Tikki Tikki Tembo. The name was just fun to say! - Tikki tikki tembo-no sa rembo-chari bari ruchi-pip peri pembo. When I was in grade school I read a lot of Ramona Quimby. In middle school I really got into V.C. Andrews books - especially the Dollanganger series with Flowers In The Attic.

The BFG, it's absurd how many times I managed to read it as a kid. So that and I had a little battered book called 'Fleabag and the Ring of Fire' which I've read more times as a kid than I can recall

Ahh memories *is wistful*



Well, I love Iliad and Odyssey when I was still a child. Not because of my namesake, but because of the stories and the morals inside that epic work.


Also includes the likes of Connecticut Yankee's in King Arthur's Court, which I learned during in my teenage years, that the book was inspired by Nikola Tesla. Those were the good times.


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