My Favorite has got to be the last one when Jubal Early, the bounty hunter, comes to get River and Simon. There are sooo many good moments!
Simon: "Are you alliance?"
Jubal: "Am I a Lion... I don't think of myself as a Lion... I have a mighty roar!"
Simon: "I said alliance.."
Jubal: "Oh, I thought..."
Post your fave and why bellow!

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The Objects in Space episode is easily my favorite - it combines the epitome of Firefly comedy (like the "alliance" vs. "a lion" exchange) with the essence of Firefly philosophy (like the idea of a surgeon being shot).
fave episode: Aerial
fave scene: the part in Trash where Riner says "I can kill you with my brain" and Jayne has a weird face
Jaynestown wins because we get the Hero of Canton song. And war stories and Heart of Gold rounds out my top three because they are pretty Character centic . But they are all good.
The show is too good for me to have a favorite episode...maybe top 5 moments?

1. Jaynestown -> Wash "I think they captured his essence."
Kaylee "He looks angry..."
Wash "That's kinda what I meant."

2. Serenity -> Wash playing with Dinosaur toys...what more needs to be said?

3. I haven't watched it in a while so I can't remember which episode this is... "Here lies my beloved wife Zoe...somewhat less attractive now that she's all corpsified and gross"

4. Train Job -> "You know what the Chain of Command is? It's the chain I go get and beat you with 'til you understand who's in ruttin' command here!"

5. Safe -> Mal "Wellll, looks like we arrived just in the nick of time...what does that make us?"
Zoe "Big, Damn Heroes, sir."
A few lines interjected here I can't remember just now...
Mayor "You're thwarting the will of God."
Mal "You see the man hanging from the ship with the really big gun? He didn't want to come back here in
in the first place...he's lookin' to kill some folk, so it's HIS will you should be tryin' to thwart"
Mayor- "But she's a witch."
Mal- "yeah but she's our witch."
Whoo... tough one... I really like Jaynestown and Our Mrs Reynolds, for their comic relief.... Overall favorites have to be the following: The Message ("When you cant run, you crawl. When you can't crawl, you find someone to carry you.... gets me every time... have even considered it as part of a tattoo) Heart of Gold (the dialogue between Inara and Mal at the end?), and Out of Gas (The whole sad story, really).
Shindig (sp)!! I'm a huge Badger fan and I love that bit between him as River.

I also like Jaynestown and te Train Job.
There's too many good ones to pick from. I mean, the whole damn season was so excellent. Mostly I just like to remember the quotes. The favorite thing I can think of right now is when Kaylie gets shot, and Simon is trying to help her and then he speaks to Mal who tells him she is dead, and the whole scene is super-serious, and he runs in slow motion down to the infirmary and sees her sitting up, clearly alive, and then the shot cuts back to Mal and the others and they're just laughing hysterically. lol :D
I love Out of Gas and Jaynestown but honestly the episode I watch the most (I don't really know why) is the Pilot.
Deffinantly Object In Space, "My sister's a ship... we had a complicated childhood"

My fav would have to be Jaynestown just for the song about janye being a hero and simons' face as his sanity is declining

Objects in Space would have to be my favourite. I can't stop watching that one. Well I can't stop watching any of the episodes, but still.


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