Just got it today.

and i finshed it today.

honestly, one of the best books ive read.

it felt like john was sitting with me reading it to me =DDD

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Yes! I nearly laughed until I cried when I read that. It is too perfect.

And when Ben is wasted.

And when Ben is peeing in the minivan.

Can Ben be personified? Can I have him for Christmas?
Right before Margo leaves, when she whispers to Q, "I. Will. Miss. Hanging. Out. With. You." I love that line.

Also, I like the part where Q and the guys visit the Osprey for the first time, and it quickly dawns on them that something terrible may have happened to Margo. My heart was pounding so hard as I was reading that. John did a great job of getting the me to feel what Q was feeling...that dread, and doubt, and that sense that Q is in way over his head.

I also loved the ending, but I think that goes without saying.
The entire Road Trip section is hands down my favorite part especially "But soon enough, he abandons that role for his true and faithful calling: needing to pee.' and hour 13 of the Road Trip.

Drunk Ben comes in a close second.
My favorite part is when Ben is running around in the field yelling, "IT'S GONNA BLOW!" after everyone else has noticed it was just the beer leaking out. And the gown flies up LMFAO It about killed me. xD I never thought "Holy shitstickers" would be a giggly fun time either. And also when Radar says, "Sometimes he's so retarded he's brilliant" or something to that effect xD
I loved the entire book. Espicially the drive to Algoe. XD Hilarious.
I loved drunk ben "did you glue the beer sword to your hand?" "Nope I SUPERglued it" LOL :)
I love the night that Q and Margo pranked everyone and snuck into Sea World XD

The part where they had to piss really bad, not was it only hilarious, I was relating, and it made me want to pee more. SO I sat there laughing, just laughing trying to hold my piss in also. 

I loved that also....funny bits  to break up the suspense, eh? :)

I love when they are all on the road and almost hit the cow. I laughed out loud at that. But I sincerely have never felt more suspense than the moment when Lacey sees Margo's car in Algoe. I swear, my heart stopped. But I also loved when Q and Margo said goodbye. I cried for ten minutes after that.

Reading about Radar wearing the racist shirt is probably the only time I've ever laughed out loud while reading a novel.

I also love how Ben was portrayed as kind of a bad friend. It's very true to life, and I loved how Radar explained to Q why he and Ben were friends.

And I love how Lacey called Margo out on her selfishness. I hate it when characters act selfishly with no repurcussions.


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