I was just wondering what you're favorite plays and/or musicals are?

my favorite musical or play is Hairspray

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Play: The Woman In Black
Musical: Oliver
OLIVER! I was in that at my school last year! I was Mrs. Sowerberry, so I got to sing part of the song that's often cut from the show. great times!
I love Wicked and Legally Blonde!!!!!!!!
into the woods (we did this at my school december of 2008. i stage managed)
legally blonde
and lion king (even though ive only heard the music, seen clips, and seen pictures, i absolute love it)

my favorite plays are probably a lie of the mind (my sister was in it last year)
and what i did last summer (im elsie's alternate and sound)
i dont really see many plays
Favorite Musical is Les Miserables followed by RENT.
Those are my exact picks.

I love Rent!


Best Musicals are Into the woods, and Hairspray
As for plays I really like Macbeth
phantom of the opera and wicked, can't beat the classics baby :)
Steel Magnolias was fun to do!
We did it for our One Act Play this year.
And I have always wanted to see:
Moulin Rouge
Mama Mia!
Phantom of the Opera
The Lion King

And there are probably others I just can't think of them right now.
Play: Hamlet
Musical: Sweeney Todd
Wow... that's kind of morbid... in my favorite play everyone dies and in my favorite musical... everyone dies
I never thought about it like that before...

Those are great ones.  My school did Sweeny just before I got there and it was stunning.  


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