I was just wondering what you're favorite plays and/or musicals are?

my favorite musical or play is Hairspray

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this was so hard I love so many plays and musicals!! but at this current moment I would say

Feelgood (by Alistair Beaton)

Parade (music by Jason Robert Brown)

This is most likely to change soon, but at the moment both are a must see, however Feelgood is a very British play so anyone outside the UK might not find it as funny as me.
rent or sweeney todd. and i really don't WANT to like phantom of the opera, but i do.
Les Miserables, hands down, followed by Pirate Queen, followed distantly by Phantom of the Opera.

Peter Pan--the NON-musical version.
i just saw peter pan at the stratford festival. it was pretty freakin' great, i must admit. :)
I love plays, but I tend to favor musicals
favorites in order of favoriteness
Legally Blonde
Sweeny Todd
Pippin' (My school did it last year, and I fell in love with it)

...Brain fart, I can't remember the rest, DARN YOU BRAIN!
Well... these are all of the productions I have been a part of, and I will write them in order of which ones I liked most (Hint--> the list is starting really positive and then working towards the ones I abhorred):

Into The Woods
Of Mice and Men
Thoroughly Modern Millie
God's Favorite
Steel Magnolias

Of all the musicals I know of and have experienced, Wicked is easily my favorite!
For musicals, the number 1 is a tie between Rent and Next to Normal. Rent is sadly no longer running, but if you haven't seen Next to Normal, believe me - you want to.

Others high on the list include Spring Awakening, Hair, Chicago, The Phantom of the Opera, Aida, Avenue Q, Wicked, Jesus Christ Superstar.....etc.
angels in america. i've poured over every inch of it in every form available to me at every opportunity + it still blows my mind to itty bitty happy smithereens.
also, i'm increasingly obsessed with elizabeth rex. as of this weekend, i own 3 different versions of it -- audio, dvd + book. so my obsession has waaaaay too many angles of interpretation to revel in.
I was in a scene from Angles in America, I played Harper in the scene where she and Prior meet in the dream/hallucination. I really want to read the play.
oh wow, you definitely should.

there's also a mini-series which is thoroughly worth watching. fracking amazing cast. :) i actually discovered it via the mini-series, + i still adore it.

the prior/harper hallucination/dream is such a great scene. i got to do it with one of my best friends on the steps of the library for an event called 'live homosexual acts' much fun. :)

haha...major risk once you know the whole (2) play(s), though: because it's so huge + so relevant, you will find yourself referring to it in EVERY POSSIBLE SITUATION, + people will definitely get exasperated with you. ;)
I looovve the new broadway version of Thoroughly Modern Millie (not the old one with julie andrews, although it's also good..)
I just love the 20's, and romantic comedies get me every time.


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