I was just wondering what you're favorite plays and/or musicals are?

my favorite musical or play is Hairspray

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My favorite play is easily Pygmalion. I have much more difficulty deciding on my favorite musical. Until recently, i would probably have chosen My Fair Lady, however I recently received an audio recording of the original production of Camelot, which I am completely enthralled by...I guess anything by Lerner and Leowe is a favorite of mine.
My favorite musical is anything by Stephen Sondheim but my absolute favorite is Sweeney Todd, and my favorite play is Hamlet or anything else by Shakespeare.

Musical: Falsettos. (I'd rather say the Marvin Songs Trilogy because I don't like to leave out In Trousers, but Falsettos is more recognizable.) And I also have to mention [title of show] because it hold the warmest place in my heart.

Play: My favorite play is hard for me to narrow down, its always changing. I'm currently taking particular interest in the 39 Steps and War Horse.

Les miserables and phantom of the opera!!

Either Wicked or AVPM and AVPS!

(Malfoy, you little Poofer!)

EDIT: Oh, and Chicago too.

OMFG, there are just too many!!! XD

Play: Threads

Musical: oh my goodness, so many. Either Jersey Boys, Singing in the rain or the lion king.

Fav musical? Hard to pick but it would be a tie between Into the Woods and Memphis: The Musical. So many others I love though!


Fav play? Romeo and Juliet.

My all-time favorite musical is Spring Awakening - seen it four times, three different casts over the last 4 1/2 years and it blew my mind each time :)

Phantom of the Opera!

That's really tough.  I love Hair and I adore Thoroughly Modern Millie.   

For a non-musical, maybe Buried Child by Sam Shepard.  It is so wonderfully twisted.  I also like Jean Genet's work. I'm into classical Greek plays as well. 

I love Les Miserables! I also really liked Wicked. For musicals... For plays, I really like 'You Can't Take It With You'. I had an amazing time being in that play. I was Alice, it was a great experience. (: 

I am in love with RENT


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