so i still love pokemon, and i want to know who your favorite is.

my favorite pokemon is... cubone

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ENTEI!!!! But snorlax is close too.

i always loved togepi, ponyta/rapidash, vulpix/ninetales, and bulbasaur...

alakazam. boom
I'd have to go with Nidoking because he's such a BAMF!
Charmander FTW
No argument, simply has to be Slowpoke, or Slowking.
that crazy laughing baby looks like a Snorlax, so it's my favourite.
I remember i was extremely horrified by Jynx. But I love Drowzee and Abra.

My life feels more complete after reading this. Thank you.
Okay, so maybe he has all that, but can an Aggron sneeze lightning? I think not.


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