What is your favorite quote or song from any Team Starkid production? It can be from LWL, AVPM, AVPS< MAMD, or Starship.


Here I shall start:


Favorite quote: "Hermione GRanger shut your ungodly, lopsided mouth and quit interrupting! 20 more points from Gryffindor! THANKS HERMIONE! 10 points to Dumbledore!" xD


Favorite song: Status Quo- Starship

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fav quote "why just today i learned that this is a gun and saw the irrefurtible proof that science killed god"

I love it when Harry's with drunk Snape. That's always a good one. Favorite song? GET BACK UP! I love it when Up is looking at the mirror and is like "You are a worthwhile person. When I look at you I get a pleasant feeling." Ohmygod I frigging love Taz and Up. They have the best friendship ever!

Song: hermione can't draw - I crack up every time!

Draco: no.. No.. I've got a fruit by the foot

Holden in MAMD: I'm not gonna effing sing with you!!

Also voldemort's reaction when snape sticks his hook up his nose.. 'Agh, agh!' and kind of waves him away.. So funny!

"Bitch, I ain't Cho Chang!"


Song: there’s beauty everywhere!!!!!!

Aww, I had my heart set on being nourishment....

that statement is so incorrect, I am unable to produce a logical response.

The Galactic League of Extraterrestrial Exploration wanted to capture the bugs, so they could make their own twisted abominations!
Damn that G.L.E.E. They’re always making twisted abominations of everything!

My names not Tootsy Noodles, I changed my name to Tootsy Megagirl. Because where I come from, your first name’s what you do, and your second names what you love.

why don’t you kick it up a notch??!!!?!?!?! :P

you are the toughest son of a bitch I know!!!!!!

I’m STILL A KILLER!! (audience claps and cheers excitedy)

Up is the toughest son of a bitch i ever met in my life
He eats eagles for breakfast, he sleep on a bed of fire, and when Up cuts an onion, the onion is the one who cry
so you better un-fudge yourself or Up will unscrew your head and drop the wishing pennies down your throat. Now take a walk off my knife

A very potter Musical/Sequel:

Songs: Going Back To Hogwarts and Harry Freakin' Potter


In the muggle world, I’m what’s known as a douche bag...

Snape: Harry, I thought you might like this, its a picture of your mom when she went to Hogwarts.
Harry: Thanks, Snape, you know, I know we never really became friends, but you’re really a nice guy under it all.
Snape: I said you would LIKE it, not HAVE it, this is going back under my pillow where it belongs!
Harry: Man, that Snape is an ass-hole

Red Vines, what the hell can’t they do?

Get me some Nasonex you swine!

The horcrux could be hidden anywhere! It could entail countless months of camping in the mundane British country side, breaking into Gringotts, and drinking boatloads of polyjuice potion.
Well, the medallion says that's dumb, so we're not doing that.

My name is Draco Malfoy, I’m a racist, I hate gingers and mudbloods, I despise Gryfindor house, and my father works for the man who killed your parents would you like to be my friend?
You hate Gryfindor house? GET OUT OF MY FACE MALFOY!

Snape, you always have been, and always will be..... a butt-trumpet!!!!!!!

Ginny, don’t you get it? Its like that Spider-man movie. MJ and Peter can’t be together.
But the whole point of Spider-man 2 was that MJ and Peter COULD be together.
Yeah, but the whole point of Spider-man 3 is that  life sucks and everything falls to SHIT! Ginny, what I’m trying to say is: I don’t want my life to be like Spider-man 3, I hated that movie.

What do you want with a rocket ship? What business do you have on mars?
Well lets just say:
Pigfarts Pigfarts here I come.
Pigfarts Pigfarts yum yum yum.

Look, maybe Dumbledore accidentally gave us both the field today.
Thats absurd!
You’re absurd!
What? Say that again to my face!
You’re absurd!
That’s absurd!

I love you all... except you Draco I can’t fucking stand you.

Me And My Dick:

Song: Ready To Go

I rescued Weenie from a Bird.
He thought I was a worm!
A little baby worm.

Excuse me, do you know how to find the house of one, Ms. Cooter?
Fuck you. Fuck you. Hey, Fuck you.
Well fuck you too!

We’ll do anything you want? What do you want?
Well, I like getting jerked off, could we do that?
Does it look like there’s a pair of hands crawling around here?

We’re like Batman and Robin! Or Superman and his dick!

I hate you, I wish I was born without a dick. Or as a girl.

Heart: What do all of history's greatest lovers have in common? Romeo and Juliet! Anthony and Cleopatra! Jack Dawson and Kate Winslet's character!
Joey:All the guys die horribly first.
Heart:Uh eh- BAD EXAMPLE. How about Spider-Man and Mary Jane?
Joey: Oh yeah they worked out PERFECTLY.

Tiffany, doll, I love ya, but you are the dumbest fuckin' person I've ever met in my entire life.

Joseph Michael Richter, you are a real piece of work. Let me tell you something: I've seen a lot of proposals in my day, Joey, but never have I seen such a pathetic bumblefuck as what occurred out there in the hallway.

Little white lie:

Song: Duders a spy!

I’m not pooping!!!!!!!

1 2 3, eyes on me.

You wrote all these songs?
(holds up song named ‘Sami’) Even this one? That’s kind of narcissistic,  don’t you think?

What’s your game here?
Nothing, I just care about Calvin.
No you don’t.
What make you think that?
Well if you cared about him, you’d know his names Kevin.

This song is dedicated to Calvin Bushwald, and its about believing in yourself.
Boy Toy.
You know you are my favorite boy.
You’re my boy,
my boy toy.
Time with you I always enjoy.

Toby's in the Hot Girls?
That doesn’t make any sense, he’s not a hot girl.

Quote: "Damn that G.L.E.E! They're always making twisted abominations of EVERYTHING!" - Commander Up, Starship

Song: Stutter, AVPS

I'm not sure of the exact words, but it's something along the lines of, "Now I know that killling people doesn't make them like you; it just makes them dead," from AVPM.

I love pretty much every song, but I'd have to say, "Coolest Girl" and "Home" from AVPS.

Favorite quotes:

Draco:  Goyle do you hear something?

Goyle: No... only quiet-maybe one raindrop.

And from Starship:

Taz: Do you remember when we met at my quinciñera?  And you saved me from those killer robots who tried to smash me open like a piñata so the could eat my guts?  That was tough.  Or that time, that those bullies were picking on me, cos I so little and I like to read?  And I got on your back and we chased them into the dumpster!  That was tough!  Or that time that you taught me calculus?  Calculus was tough! 

Favorite song has got to be "Coolest Girl" because I can very much picture an adolescent Hermione, in one of her bouts of self-confidence, convincing herself that she is indeed, cool (which we all know she is).  The thing I like about Starkid's AVPM and AVPS is that even though they exaggerate the characters and story for the sake of humor, they still completely capture the personalities.

I also really like 'Kick It Up a Notch' from Starship because it reveals how amazing Dylan Saunder's voice really is.    

Oh this is gonna be hard, there really are a load...

I like, "you never tell a girl you like her. It makes you look like an idiot." Sirius AVPS and Ron AVPM

Also, "Who looks stupid now? You do!" [almost entirely naked, blood-soaked] Lupin in AVPS

Oh! And! "I'll rip your perky little boobs off!" which me and my mate love saying to each other in creepy Umbridge voices.

Fave song, I LOVE "There will always be guys like Potter" in AVPS and I also like "Kick It Up A Notch - Reprise" for a reason somebody else has already put, which is for some reason that has given me a slight crush on Brian Holden. 

PS What the devil is going on here?! Snape, VANISH!

Personally song is Ginny and then quote would be."that's absurd, you're absurd, say that again to my face, you're absurd, that's absurd

Mine is:

I can't just GO to pigfarts. It's ON MARS. You NEED a rocketship. Do YOU have a rocketship, Potter? I bet you do. Look at this! Moonshoes Potter, Starkid Potter, traversing the galaxy on intergalactic journey to Pigfarts! WELL Potter, not all of us inherited enough money to BUY OUT NASA when our parents died!


All of that was from memory, I've seen it SO MANY TIMES. I can do so many more, but that might be my fave...

AVPM: "Oh, now you're just being cute.  You can't just GO to Pigfarts, Potter.  It's ON MARS.  You NEED a rocketship.  Do YOU have a rocketship, Potter?  I bet you do.  Well, excuse me if not all of us could afford to BUY OUT NASA when our parents died.  Oh!  Look at this!  ROCKETSHIP Potter!  STARKID Potter!  MOONSHOES Potter!  TRAVERSING the galaxy for intergalactic travels to Pigfarts!"

AVPS: "You think you're smarter than whoever wrote this book?  You think you're smarter than...MERLIN?!"

Starship: "Remember that time I taught you Calculus?  Calculus was tough!"


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