Write lyrics or the name of your favourite A Very Potter Musical or A Very Potter Sequel song (:

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AVPM: Back to Hogwarts, To Dance Again, Voldemort is Going Down

AVPS: It's Not Over Yet, Harry Freakin' Potter, Hermione Can't Draw

Hermione can't draw and Lupin can't sing :)

"No Way" is great but "Days of Summer" is the best!!!
"Coolest Girl", "It's Not Over Yet" and "Guys Like Potter".
I love all of them but these are my top favorites. Granger Danger, Harry Freakin' Potter, To Have a Home, Voldemort is going down, and of course Back to Hogwarts.

AVPM: Get back to Hogwarts, Different as can Be, Pigfarts, Voldy's going down

AVPS: To have a Home, Days of Summer, Somebody's Goin' Down, Guys like Potter, Harry Freaking Potter. . .


You know I think I just like all the songs x]

"Those Voices" never fails to send shivers up my spine. Yet "Granger Danger" will always be the first song that comes to mind for me; I've listened to it so many times I can recite it by heart. ;) Although it's difficult to pick just one, they're all great!
Hah I know them all by heart AVPM, AVPS, and Starship.
Nice. I like reciting the quotes and singing along while I'm's awesome for me, not so awesome for the other people trying to watch. xD
oh i know! i'm the same way! x] but the best part is when I do that without the play, and only 1 of my 7 present friends gets what's going on! lmao

I think my favourite would be Guys Like Potter. Musically, it's just brilliant, and I always have loved the tragedy of Snape and Lily. Darren really outdid himself on that song.


Stutter's pretty epic, too. It just works fantastically because you can tell Joe Walker really doesn't care how much of an idiot he makes himself look, he's just having fun. :)

YES to the Snape x Lily thing! Win!


And lmao that's what I love about Joe! x]

  Definately  hermione can't draw and pigfarts, pigfarts, here i come :{D


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