Here's where you can share what shows you get your British fill from.

Here's my list (in a particular order):
Doctor Who
Graham Norton Show
Being Human
Friday Night With Jonathon Ross

Share share, and people can see what they may be missing out on.

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and Doctor Who.

and Skins.


(in no particular order)

Dr Who


John Bishop's Britain

Horrible Histories!

Doctor Who



Nevermind the Buzzcocks

The Mighty Boosh

Graham Norton Show


Doctor Who

Gordon Ramsey's Kitchen Nightmares

Monty Python

As Time Goes By

Top Gear

Keeping Up Appearances

Totally forgot about The Inbetweeners and Fawlty Towers!
Downton Abbey - it's a big deal in the uk right now. They just finished airing the second season and signed contracts for a thrid.
It's about a an earl's family and the servants of the house. The basic conflict is that with three daughters there is no male heir and a distant cousin enters the picture. By the way the first season starts the day after the Titanic is sunk and the second season plays during the first world war.
There are of course serveral romantic relationships. My favourite characters are Sybil - the youngest daughter of the earl who is, despite society back then, interested in politics and wants more of life - and the amazing Maggie Smith, the dowager countess. She has the best one liners and makes me laugh all the time...I only say swivel chair...

Then there are the legendary bbc mini series, such as pride and prejudice, north and south...

Another favourite of mine is the BBC Robin Hood series. They chose a rather different approach to the legend than in other films.

DOCTOR WHO!  I also like The IT Crowd though.

Go Seth.

I would add QI, the infinite monkey cage on radio 4.
Brian Cox's Solar Systems.

Downtown Abbey.

But no Ramsey. Please god no.


Doctor Who!

Downton Abbey!


- All are fantastic for completely different reasons. But when I make a list of all the shows I watch, these four rank above any of the American shows. Funny how that is.

- Oh, and also because I curious about seeing Benedict Cumberbatch in something else (because how else can I fairly judge his acting?) I started listening to Cabin Pressure, which even though it's a radio program, I would add to this list. Since it's likewise awesome in a completely different way from the previously mentioned ones.

Doctor Who





Vicar of Dibley

All Creatures Great and Small (Oldy but a goldy. I always see Peter Davidson as Tristan, not the 5th Doctor)

The IT Crowd

Midsomer Murders


I keep forgetting Vicar of Dibley! I miss that show!

DOCTOR WHO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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