I remember seeing a favourite fictional male character discussion earlier on.
What's your favourite female? And why?

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Hmm. Tough one. Alaska is one of them, not just because this is nerdfighters but when I read the book I really saw this..complicated and facinating character who had things to hide. She was very interesting to try and understand.
Liesel ( sp?) from the Book Thief. Such a character in herself who made the book what it is.

It is hard to find a lot of female characters that i like. Most of the time they seem to be very...similar.
liesel was awesome
Liesel was pretty awesome...

but I think, I have to go with...Witch Baby of the Weetzie Bat Series... because she's poetic in essence.

Yes; this answer, all of this answer. 

Trust me, there are loads of us that like The Book Thief, me being one of them.

I've read The Book Theif, it is one of my only books that isn't fantasy/mystery/adventure and I loved it, it was a fun read

Liesel is fantastic...great book, but she was fantastic all on her own. I also really like Margo because she made me feel something indescribable throughout the novel.


I agree that nowadays, female characters seem to be very similar in personality, and I think this may be because teenage girls like easily relatable characters in order to live vicariously through them :) 

jacqueline levy monot from gone to soldiers

shira shipman fron he, she and it

hester shaw from mortal engines

elisabeth bennet from pride and prejudice

anna levin from the siege .
o! i forgot about ms. bennet! darn =] I lover her too...

but i like mr. darcy even more :3
I LOVE elizabeth bennet! <3


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