I remember seeing a favourite fictional male character discussion earlier on.
What's your favourite female? And why?

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Grimalkin from The Wardstone Chronicles, Sam from The Perks Of Being A Wallflower, Sookie Stackhouse and Lily Potter. There are very few really admirable female characters :/

Elly from When God was a Rabbit

I would have to say Katniss Everdeen, because is she so tough and independent. I love it when books have females as the hero's.

I really enjoyed The Hungar Games with Katniis Everdeen, but there were some parts about her that I really didn't like. Hermonie was really badass, but she was a real bitch sometimes. Therefore, I think my favorite female character would have the be Lia from Wintergirls by Anderson. I don't know why I don't really like the other ones, but I really like her.

I really love Ruby Oliver from a series by e. lockhart, the first book of which is The Boyfriend List. I love her quirky style, her feminist perspective, her vegetarianism, her quick sense of humor, and the fact that she isn't PERFECT. She has panic attacks, she isn't always a great friend, and she doesn't always learn from her mistakes, but she tries REALLY hard to be a good person, which is something I admire.

Alaska is definitely up there, because although she's a total badass and is funny, beautiful, interesting etc she's also very flawed.  Margo as well.  But probably my favourites are Ramona Flowers and Julia from 1984.

Anyone a fan of the Sword of Truth series?
I'm only on about book 5 but I can't read them during term time because I tend to read them nonstop for about 2 days straight (and I mean during mealtimes, in lectures, on the train, whilst walking home and in the shower sometimes) and don't get any work done.

Well my favouritefemale character in that is Kahlen Amnell. Unfortunately you cant say anything about her at all without massively spoiling the books and I have megahatred for spoilers.
But seriously READ THESE BOOKS IF YOU HAVEN'T ALREADY, they are beyond amazing. Don't start them if you have exams or homework or anything to do though because if you're anything like me you will fail/get in trouble/just generally not get things done and they are large books.
Book One: Wizard's First Rule by Terry Goodkind
Looking back at this review I think it should probably go in favourite books or something but meh. 

Hm. This is a really tough question, and my answer might change along with time and more thinking, but the only two people I can think of right now are Hazel Grace from TFiOS and Ginger Foutley form As Told By Ginger. For Hazel, I like her a lot because she's smart, honest, true, funny and thoughtful. She is all of these, but she's not a Mary Sue type of character. Ginger I like for pretty much the same reason, with the addition that I've loved As Told By Ginger for so many years now and it just feels like a really important part of my life. 

Katniss or Hermionie or Annabeth or Thalia. I like strong, smart, independent female characters.

I like strong, smart, independent female characters.

^^^^^ Yes and preferably with no comment on their sexuality or political and moral views.  Unless it's actually relevant to the story.  I particularly like it when they're not being rescued or have to fall in love with someone, and this 'fulfills' them in some way.  They just "are".

For some reason, even though the book is a bit childish, the fictional female character I always find myself comparing myself and others too.. is Stargirl. She showed the world its more than okay to be different and that in the face of adversity, love and kindness really do overcome all.

I love that book! One of my favorites in middle school...great message, great story.


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