I remember seeing a favourite fictional male character discussion earlier on.
What's your favourite female? And why?

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I like Prim and Johanna, from the Hunger Games.

and Rue.

Oh this is hard. I can't only pick one.

Hermione from HP or Meggie from Inkspell.

I do love the book thief its a brilliantly written book :) My absolute favourite female character has to be Gertrude from Hamlet. But from novels it has to be Margot from Nabokov's  Laughter in the dark because she's so unbearably cruel and she grows throughout the book and just becomes nastier and nastier she's one of those characters that intrigues you completely.

Katniss Everdeen would be my overall favourite fictional female character. She is strong, determined and brave in everything she does; someone I wish I could be. She's quite oblivious to romantic feelings and while this might be frustrating sometimes it shows a complete antithesis from the majority of teenage girls nowadays. This sounds so strange but I like that.

Hermione Granger too, of course, for being a symbol of great intellectualism among females. 

Deryn (Dylan) Sharp, from Leviathan (Scott Westerfeld). Totally. No doubt about it.
She's great, strong. Smart, funny, determinate. She's everything I'd want to be.
(NB: I'm trying really hard to avoid spoilers right now, because I haven't read Goliath yet. I have to wait the paperback edition. This means: please, be good.)

Hmmm my favorite fictional character has to be between Margo Roth Spiegelman of Paper Towns and Elizabeth Bennet of Pride and Prejudice.
Margo does everything I wish I had the spine to do (if I didn't have so many damn anchors); leave a place you've known your whole life in search of something with more substance. And, all the crazy things she pulled prior to her disappearance (TP parade, pranks upon those who wronged her, break into Disney World and Sea World, randomly go to Mississipi, sleep in disheveled, deserted places, etc). She holds a very strong, honest mindset as well.
Elizabeth Bennet, I feel, is clever and like Margo, holds a very strong beautiful mindset which challenges the superficial expectations of the society and household in which she lives.

I think Jane Eyre is an amazing female character. She was so strong and pure. I love that she had values and stuck to them. I also really like Fanny Price from Mansfield Park, mostly for the same reasons.

Luna Lovegood without question.. Or.. maybe Eponine? Hahaha. It is one of those two ladies. Luna is crazy and I love her airyness. Eponine reminds me of me. 

Bellatrix Lestrange from Harry Potter. One must admire her crazy.

Grimalkin from The Wardstone Chronicles, Sam from The Perks Of Being A Wallflower, Sookie Stackhouse and Lily Potter. There are very few really admirable female characters :/

Elly from When God was a Rabbit

I would have to say Katniss Everdeen, because is she so tough and independent. I love it when books have females as the hero's.


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