What's been your all time favourite Vlogbrother videos? :)




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Either John eating the Fat Sandwich, John eating the Blenderized Happy Meal, Hank's song about Quarks, or his song about Anglerfish. I love all of those ones :)

The Education Continuum WARNER CHILCOTTED!

March 9th, 2007: Peeptastic!

John's commentary just makes me laugh so much every time :)

The Brain Crack one.

Homeless man with a Golden Voice -

In the video he talks about how we choose clothing based on how we see ourselves, and then points out how he's wearing a shirt and how it will relate to him... he's wearing his own shirt.

I feel like this is a squeeful Sophie's Choice. They are all too awesome.

That's nearly impossible to choose, but I would have to say the Thoughts from Places in which John ponders Gussy Manlove after seeing her grave, and then the follow up where Hank tells the story of Gussy Audrey Horsey Gowen Manlove Brown after Nerdfighters uncovered her history. That was uber.

Also, the Giraffe Love videos were histerical.

Definitely the 31 jokes for nerds.
I laughed more than I should have at that...

Btw, first post on the Ning :D

I think 15 hours in a Target or Presidential Candidate Anagrams.

All of the thoughts from places videos.  They're funny and thoughtful.  My favorite combo!

John's most recent Thoughts from Places (Amsterdam) video. It's just the perfect combination of thoughtful, funny, true, insightful, and ultimately so poignant--it was everything I love about Vlogbrothers videos. (Come on I can't be the only one who was in tears by the end.)

Denver Airport...Via Isengard is a close second, though. I was in tears by the end of that one too--but for a completely different reason. I was laughing so hard I couldn't breathe. 

For some reason, I absolutely adore The Ice Cream Changes. I've watched that video so many times it's not even funny anymore. O_________O


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