What's been your all time favourite Vlogbrother videos? :)




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Top Ten Animal Power Moves. Definately.

poison farts!

Pretty much all the compund Nerdfighting videos.
Embarrassing Moment Sock Puppet Theater.
I thought of another one: Anagramming Guide to presidential candidates. "I NEED JOB!"
Absolutely. That one just about cracked me up!
Top ten weirdest diseases. It made me affraid of going to sleep.
That's how I got started too...creepy
Well I have alot of favourites ( I do enjoy both John and Hank equally but strangely most of my favourites are by Hank)..

50 jokes..Angler Fish..Google Verb A Meme...DFTBA...The Fathers of the Founding Fathers.. Accio Deathly Hallows.. the one about obama being muslim (forgot it's name)..etc.
Also... One of my all-time favorites.. is "Brotherhood 2.0: April 6: Nerdfighters Never Surrender"

It is the one where John shows the goth picture of Hank.. it took me some time to find it, but here is the link:!
That was a hilarious BH2 moment. Also, Hank recreating the photo with The Katherine's makeup while she was out almost made me pee my pants.


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