What's been your all time favourite Vlogbrother videos? :)




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This Song Is For Willy and John's response vid where Willy listens to it :3

One of my all time favorites has to be 'John and Hank: The Out-Takes' dooblydoo->
I just love it when they are both in the videos together :) x10 awesome.

Oh and all of the question Tuesday and peanut-butter-face videos!
"Shakespeareaninsults and Reorganizing My Home Library"
Possibly one of the most useful videos a Nerd could want.
katniss everdeen makeup tutorial. I think that video made my entire week. I had just read the first hunger games and when he said ' MOTHER OF POO!' I just lost it. great video, much funnier at like, 2:00 in the morning. but then again, isn't everything? <3 ya Hank!

liked this one too!!!! it made me laugh soooo hard!!! xD it kinda was disappointing though that he managed to put on makeup better than i ever could :P

Any Thoughts From Places Videos.
Gotta go with the happy dance trip to Amsterdam.
'thoughts from a butterfly hatch', because it is the first one i ever watched, the one that made me fall in love with the vlogbrothers :)

Easily my favorite. Any thought from place video wins in my book.

Baby On The Road: Thoughts From Places

31 Jokes for nerds :)

I don't have a number one favorite but i always seem to enjoy the countdown ones more than any others. But other than that i think my favorite might be John Greens segment on the French Revolution.


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