Everyone has them.
Mine are:
Moths (big)
Falling from a very high place!
Car crashes.

What's yours?

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I'm afraid of ALOT of is my list:
The dark(kind of)
Worms and wriggly things such as grubs and snakes
Swimming in deep water
Canrnival rides-the extreme ones make me want to cry :(
Supernatural things
Cemeteries(even in the day)
Sometimes I'm scared I will never be loved
thanks to a friend sometimes I worry huge plants wil come and eat me-she said they make like a scratching noise at the window so when I hear that I freak out-she was telling me how stupid it is people are scared of that and it made me scared..there are more things but I shall leave it at that.
love Marley <3
Car crashes, not waking up, roaches, small inclosed spaces.
I am more scared of needles than any human being ever should be. We are talking run out of room. By extension, I am also scared of flying insects with stingers. It is like a living needle....but with wings 0.o
car crashes
losing people i love

i can totally handle spiders and moths and needles and stuff like that, but oh my god i fugging hate planes. ugrhghg.
Scissors, I don't know why but as far back as kindergarten I remember being afraid about picking them up and accidentally plunging them into my wrist or stomach (not every time I use them now, but every so often)
Dying alone. Having no one left to know I ever existed. Being forgotten/left behind.
Not being a good enough person/sister/friend/daughter. (In the same category of being afraid to go to Hell because I'm a terrible human being.)
Having no one to talk to.

My goodness, I need to stop posting depressing & long posts on here.
and..hard to explain, but i'm so scared of driving, i'm afraid of driving a bumber car and I really can't imagine to drive a car.
Spiders. They're basically the most terrible thing ever.
I also have this strange constant fear that I'm going to trip and smash my face into a curb or step and knock all my teeth out. I have no idea where this originated.
And I think pain is a given.

Also, I thought it was funny that, on the "Forum" page (where it shows a bit of the thread description) it looks like it says "Snakes Falling from a very high place!" I'm not sure if that would be a fear of snakes randomly falling on you from the sky, or just concern for the well-being of snakes that are dangerously high up...
the dark
coyotes howling outside my window


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