EDIT: It should be made known that I'm completely unprofessional, and no one should go in expecting studio quality, because I am poor and young and stupid, and this is really the best I can do with what I have to work with. This is basically my Yellow House to Red Dwarf's Horn of Plenty, in other words, I didn't want to repeat myself so if you really loved Red Dwarf, you're not necessarily going to like this, because it is quite different. Although Naked is very Red Dwarfy sounding. Also, it should be made known that after the first 3 songs, it starts moving in a different direction, so for those who don't care for any of the first 3 songs, just skip around. 


It's free, and it's good quality, and you know, you should totally do that because it's what all the cool kids are doing!


But in all seriousness I just finished it, and I've only gotten feedback from 2 people, my girlfriend, and my best friend, so I'm looking for unbiased criticism(it might be biased because come one, we're all nerdfighters here, but still), be as picky, as mean, or as complimentary? Maybe? as you want to be.


If you don't like the genres(look at the tags on the page) or the album art(which I think can ruin an album) than that's cool too, but I'd really appreciate any feedback ya'll would be willing to give.

(Btw, the album I'm referring to is "Endless Nights Under Colored Lights", although Red Dwarf was pretty well liked by most people, it's just terrible quality, although it was intended as more of a demo anyways, I'm going to stop rambling now.)

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I like it generally.  I'm adding it to ipod, and maybe I'll have a little more feedback once I've listened more.  My first impression is that it's muc like Radiohead, but is missing something... not sure what.

I listened to the first couple of tracks (didn't really have time to listen to more, I should be studying right now) and it sounds pretty cool. Reminded me of Sigur Ros, or other bands of that nature. The recording could have been better though, I assume you recorded it onto your computer? It worked fine for the guitar tracks but not for the piano ones. It made the piano sound kind of ugly, although thats hardly a criticism if you couldn't afford a better mic. I do like it though, it's headed in a pretty cool direction, if I were you I'd try to be more original. Originality comes with time but only if you force it to. Also, there was some wailing in there that just gave me a headache.

Seeing as I have been granted the privileged of being picky I'm going to suggest a band name change. The Dreamers sounds kind of pretentious to me, no offense. 

Well the first few tracks flow together nicely but don't paint the best picture of where the album's going. Most of the songs are pre-dominantly made up of guitar, whereas the first few are piano based. The recording was as good as I can make it being a 19 year old who is unemployed, the entire budget for this album was around $500(which I saved up for years) and I did everything myself(producing is NOT my strong suit). Because actually it's not even a piano, it's a Yamaha keyboard that cost around $80, because I couldn't afford a piano. I can definitely see the wailing, but I feel like it's only a problem on The Long Road Home and Raindrops, most of the other songs(which are also way better as you go on IMO) have me at my limits, but not exceeding them.


Which songs did you feel weren't original? And what did you feel they were to closely resembling? Long Road Home is definitely an homage to Sigur Ros, and Forest Fire is an homage to Radiohead, but I feel like the rest can stand alone is being unique(as unique one can be in a world with billions of songs already).


The Dreamers has been my name forever, and the farther I got into it the more pretentious it sounded to me, but it doesn't bother me to have a pretentious name, I can more than live with it lol

I think what you're saying here is what I was trying to say when comparing them to Radiohead.  Radiohead does the same thing with their singing, but occasionally Dreamers just didn't work out in the same way.

This might be hard to answer, but what do you mean "Radiohead does the same thing with their singing"?

They use a certain amount of disonence, but somehow, the eery echoing of Yorke just sounds... I dunno, right.

I only feel like there's dissonance on "Forest Fire", which also is the on that sounds like Radiohead to me. I just added reverb but most of the backing vocals, because after Red Dwarf, that kind of sort of became my thing. Sure other people use reverb too, but whatever.


But the reason the eery echoing of Yorke sounds right is because he's extremely talented, and is one of the greatest singers in the world.


I'm only 19 years old, I've been playing for 4 years, singing for 2 and a half, there is no way I'm going to stack up against one of the greatest bands who ever lived. But I feel given my age, given my budget, and my lack of any formal knowledge on music or production, it's a solid effort with some good songs.

Sorry if it sounded like I didn't like your sound.  I really do.  You just asked for feed back, so I gave you some.  You're in my ipod...

Well thank you, I appreciate the feedback. I was cranky when responding lol

And you projected it on me.  I feel so used...

I'm sorry! :(


I don't know, it's just that everyone who heard Red Dwarf was all "Turn up the vocals! We want to hear your voice!" And so I listened, and now the common complaint is that my singing kind of ruins everything else. So it's just frustrating :/

I didn't say the vocals ruined it, I really like your style, they just need some work, that's all.  Behind what it is, I see another Yorke standing there, just waiting to come out.


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