Why are so many girls obsessed with looking the same with long blonde hair and blue eyes? It has gotten to the point where I'm having a hard time telling them apart there all starting to look like Paris Hilton. I wish more girls would just be themselves so I would stop calling them by the wrong names.

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i would love to know that too. not because of the names, but because it is boring when everyone looks the same.
So true.
*looks around computer lab hes in*
I have 6 times as many brunets... and I'm in Boston a main city in the USA.
Wonder if it's because were liberal.
Crazy f*cking Liberals and your brunette hair. . .
Pressure. They think it's the only way to be accepted. Rather than taking a risk at getting rejected, they prefer to go the easy way out and follow the crowd. On top of that, there is the idea that guys are mainly interested in girls that fit that description (with a nice body on top of the blonde hair and blue eyes). If someone told them that the guys whose attention they'll attract are probably not the most awesome ones, they'd probably just burst out laughing. That could actually be an interesting experiment~go around telling them that and keep track of all the reactions!

Side note: the funny thing is, I have blue eyes and short blonde hair that I am planning on growing out again. For me, however, it is a case of missing the long hair that I had for the first 18 years of my life, and have since (in the past 2 years) chopped of twice for Locks of Love~I guess the fact that it's my natural color makes a difference too!
I agree with your statement that it is probably pressure that makes girls want to look like Paris Hiton. I already have blonde hair and blue eyes naturally so I have that part covered.

This is actually a reply to your side note. I think donating to Locks of Love is an amazing thing. I have done so a few times in my life. The first time I donated my hair I actually laughed when I saw my short hair rush forward to surround my face. I am tempted to grow my hair out again so I can donate as well. It takes a long time for my hair to grow though so it will be a while before I have enough to donate again.
I find that sort of behavior ridiculous you should find someone who loves you for who you are not just for the way way you look. It' better to be rejected upfront then later on when he finds out that you aren't who you say you are.
In reply to the side note: I have blue eyes and (verrry) short blond hair. :) I donated my hair twice when I was younger and this past fall I cut practically all of my hair off... I'm growing it out again now, but I don't think I'll have enough to donate.

Anyways, along the lines of girls wanting blonde hair and blue eyes, they all seem to want the same long hair style as well... what's up with that? (I just don't get having the same hairstyle your entire life. :/)
Gah, I know!! I hate when I'm at the shops and see a group of girls, and they all look EXACTLY the same. Bleached hair & the same preppy clothes... for God's sake...
well then what are nayural blondes with blue eyes supposed to do?
It's not about the blonde hair and blue eyes it's about being something your not.
Doesn't it get a bit hard to tell (sometimes)?


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