fictional characters who would make better husbands than edward cullen

it has come to my attention that a lot of people want to marry edward cullen, who sparkles (which i don't want my husband to do). there are sooo many sexy fictional guys who would be awesome to be married to. like nick carraway from the great gatsby and gatsby from the great gatsby. and also the guy from peeps. and the narrators of john green's novels. jasper thorntree! so who would you pick?

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Maybe Mr. Darcy from Pride and Prejudice, or Ian from The Host.
Ian is awesome:)
Awww, I love Ian!
awww yes I just want to hug him :] but I think Will of the His Dark Materials series wins. Just thinking about it makes my eyes tear up *sniff
If marrying Will wouldn't make me look like a total cradle-robber, I'd totally second that. XD
Agreed... when he grows up of course. I feel like he would never love me as much as he loved Lyra though.
I hated will and lyra. their characters were shallow and poorly developed. i mean.. Lyra's most winning quality was that she was a really good liar. wow, what a great role model for kids.
=O How can you hate Will and Lyra?! They are the cutest couple in all the worlds!
Lyra's most winning quality was her ability to love, she loved everyone fiercely, and that's why she's awesome.
She was raised to be a liar, her mother was an excelled liar and that was just one of her qualities. And you know, her lies managed to get them out of many scrapes, hmm?
i LOVE him!!!!!!!!
I don't remember those books much, but I recall very much liking Will.
charles bingley. :) :)
Yes! Bingley <3
Darcy is a good fellow, too. But Bingley ftw.


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